The most important question in all of the gaming

 Y           △           X
X B   vs.   □ ○   vs.   Y A
 A           ×           B

Pick one!

And before you gonna be cute about it: don’t. It is a serious issue in a serious Jokes N’ Dokes subcategory! Let ABCs and XYZs be bygones, ol’right?

( C )           +
  O             A
( Z )      +  ( B )  -
  |             1
  |             2
  \ _ _ _ _ _ _ /

Seems about right to me.

EDIT: (But actually, the playstation shapes are my fave)


I find the letters harder to read and it’s use of English is rather, hmm. Not sure how to best put this so for now I’ll just say eurocentric. I and prefer a bit the Sony style symbols as a result


The one true option is:


Obviously. Failing that,

X   B

Is a moderately acceptable alternative.


It took me awhile… Ok, well played, well played.

@VulpesAbsurda But do you write “RI”, “RII” and “RIII”, so not to use Arabic numbers, then?


Por favor. I was never a big fan of Sony’s shapes because they seem arbitrary, but after so many years of playing the PS it’s not a big deal for me at all. It just takes me a few minutes to readjust when I go between xbox and PS since X (xb) and cross (ps) are the same color but in different positions.


The Sony method isn’t perfect for sure


-X B

BUT the colors needs to be

Green - Blue


I tried to work out a markup for this but gave up:


I’m just waiting for full ASCII keyboard now, with numpad and all.


I grew up playing GameCube, so I’m partial to the second layout. I never really understood the differences in layouts until I played Cuphead on Steam with a GameCube controller and got super wacked out by the default controls.


Mark me down as a fan of the Sega/Xbox layout. Mostly because Xbox (or a PC with Xbox controller) has been my default gaming platform for the past 15 years. That said, at this point I have no issue using Nintendo or Sony’s layouts either.


~dvorak 4 life~


I like how Nintendo now puts their on-screen prompts on a diamond:

○ ●

They do that even for “Breath of the Wild”, that you can’t play with one Joy-Con. It’s very helpful, even if you familiar with gamepad layout.


I can deal with playstation , but I need my letter buttons in the nintendo order. No matter how long I’ve used an xbox controller, I always accidentally press a when i meant to press b


I will never unlearn this.


I switch back and forth from using my Nintendo consoles and primarily PC gaming with an XBone controller.
I prefer the Nintendo layout, but mostly due to nostalgia. At this point I’ve probably played more games with the Xbox button configuration than Nintendo’s.


Second most important question in all of the gaming

●   ⁘         +   ⁘         ●   ●         ◯   ◯
 + ●    vs.    ● ●    vs.    + ⁘    vs.    ● ⁘

(If you don’t recognize the last one, we can’t be friends.)


My favorite layout has got to be



Is that a sex thing?