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this looks so incredibly uncomfortable. am I wrong?


Steam Controller? I know a lot of people say it is, but I don’t understand why. I mean, besides obvious, that nothing is for everybody.

It’s designed very ergonomically, actually, and it looks weird because of it. Since you not tilting a joystick, but sliding your thumb, you hold it differently. I would visualized it like this:


Other than that, it’s similar to any other gamepad.


This particular layout is forever emblazoned in my muscle memory:



  • More keys to access with one hand
  • Finger rests on F which has a nub so you can find it again in the heat of your 1v1 rocket launcher only fight


Yes, but only if the game supports autoexec.cfg.



I switched to this a decade ago after running out of room for keybinds while playing WoW back in the day without resorting to adding shift keybinds. I’ve never looked back since. Having fairly large hands helps too, as I still can comfortably hit the shift button to duck in games like Overwatch, while freeing up w & a for abilities/sprays/whatever the hell I want


If you can mod a better joystick for G13 (Sugru and silicone cap is enough), that thing is awesome for MMOs.

You controlling character with your thumb and you have all those buttons under your fingers. All of them! With shifts and macroses! Seses… Macrosi?..



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a side profile view of the Steam controller before. Your explanation helps a lot. thanks!


Funny you should say that, because the image is actually wrong: it’s one of the previous revisions (most likely a “Chell” model, for beta testers, left one on the third row). It was just the only one I found :­) Retail model doesn’t have circle ridges on a touchpad. But overall shape is mostly the same.

You know, I don’t want to derail this very serious thread about very serious stuff, but feel free to ask me anything about SC. I 100% stand by Steam Controller software (you can add almost any gamepad and tweak it there) as a good tool for making games more playable for everyone. And actual SC is cool, but if you don’t like it’s fine, contrary to previous statement, we still can be friends.


I’ve never had issues switching between different button layouts, but seeing as how Nintendo came first, gotta go with their BAYX layout. Xbox just copied the Dreamcast, and the Dreamcast was only like that because Sega does what Nintendon’t.


i prefer xyab because, while i recognize that it is eurocentric, i am egocentric


I was going to ask if this is Loss, but the 15 character minimum foiled my plan.