The Most Intriguing Part of Sony's E3 Was a Little Mouse Named Quill


‘Moss’ is an action-adventure puzzle game scurrying to PSVR sometime this holiday season.

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I follow a ton of Cute twitter, we’re hyped for Moss. It’s looks like a Nintendo game and is going to get that sweet sweet fanart.


That mouse was so cute!


I thought it was connected to the Mossflower (Redwall?) book series but maybe not? They had great feasts in those stories, would love to see that in VR. But yeah the mouse is super cute!


Idk why, but this was my first thought when I saw the reveal:


uuuummmmm… cute I guess??


My first thought was that David Petersen’s Mouse Guard was probably the inspiration.


I knew I recognised this game from somewhere (I even knew the mouse’s name was Quill). It’s because I was sent this animation video about a year ago.