The Most Shocking Scene in 'The New Colossus' Shouldn't Work, But It Does


There are a lot of shocking moments in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, including the courtroom sequence I wrote about a few weeks back, but the one that’s stuck in my mind, long after finishing the game, was B.J. Blaskowicz’ audition on the planet Venus. I know, I know. Surprising advancements in interstellar travel aside, after Blaskowicz sneaks into a casting call for a Nazi propaganda film, you meet the acting competition, glance at the lines you’re asked to remember, and wait for the film’s director to arrive.

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There’s a letter you can find at the end of the game to Engel from Hitler where he references a machine or robot body that Deathshead made for him. If they do get to make the third game you can bet on Mecha Hitler making an appearance.


I’m not gonna lie, Hitler straight up putting a bullet in Ronald Reagan’s head is the detail in that scene that blew me away.


Point of Order: Traveling to Venus would be interplanetary travel, not interstellar travel.