The Most Slept-On Titles in Gaming

I am 100% certain that everyone has a game that they love with all of their heart, but whenever you bring it up to others you need to explain why you adore it so.

I would love to know what games hold that place for the good people of Waypoint! I’ll start:

For me it /has/ to be Viva Piñata/Trouble in Paradise. When I got my 360 my parents got it for me as well because it looked cute. Honestly if they didn’t pick it up I probably would have slept on it too. But the minute I started playing it had me hooked. The loop was simple but addictive. You tend to your garden to attract piñata. Tending to your garden involves, growing flowers, digging ponds, building homes, and caring for you Piñata. It’s beautiful and the music (done by Grant Kirkhope) is outstanding.

The game rewards experimentation, feeding your piñata the right food can result in them changing colours, learning a trick, or turning into a new Piñata altogether! Plus the amount of juggling you have to do in order to grow your garden, while also caring for your current Piñata, makes it feel almost like an RTS. I could go on for days about how great VP is. I’m gonna take a step back though.

The floor is yours!


The 2003 game XIII STILL has one of the most distinctive and well preserved art styles of any game, and it was more or less forgotten about even at release; it has a lot of flaws but god almighty it needs more props.


Sengoku Basara 4 on PS3. Game is fantastic, was released super under the radar here, people don’t want to try it but it is so much fun.

A story about my uncle is an absolutely beautiful and the best first person platformer I have ever played. YES, even better than mirror’s edge. Too bad that studio is relegated to making Goat Simulator DLC now. What a damn waste.


Is a “slept-on” game one that’s fantastic but very few people have heard of it, or one lots of people may have heard of but don’t realise it’s actually great?

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best five bucks you can spend tbh


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West!


Alpha Protocol has some of the most amazing choices & consequences I’ve seen in a game, and I love it dearly for that. It’s dialogue system was also brilliant at being designed to manipulate characters (eg dossiers on people outline their personality, you can counter-pick it, or play into it). Depending on how you play - the things the game lets you influence aren’t even obvious on your first play though. Several characters can die (early) with entire plotlines disappearing, the context behind what you’re doing can drastically change depending on how you play the flashback conversations, even the order you play side missions in determines some things. (And, yes, the combat/stealth is broken and the boss fights are out of place)

NWN 2 : Mask of the Betrayer is similar in choice and consequence, and also has a dramatically different storyline tone than the original game, but plays off it. It has brilliant characters and some really sad and great endings. I have rarely played a role playing experience where I felt the character’s ‘bad’ end was so fitting for how I played it. (But it’s still NWN2 so it’s kind of clunky, not that pretty to look at and the combat isn’t that great)


Sleeping Dogs, Among the Sleep, Steep, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Kirby’s Dream Land, Little Nemo The Dream Master, uh…


Plug for I Am Alive, one of the best flawed games I’ve played.


I just finished playing Rollers of the Realm and I was really impressed by it all. I’m not sure if it was really slept on but I’ve heard so little of it and accidentally found out it was a Pinball game.

But boy what a game it was!


Love that god damn game to death. I am still hopeful they will one day make a sequel.

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Shadow Hearts 1 and to a lesser extent, Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The first game was buried by FFX.

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Heart of Darkness (PS1, PC). A huge Eric Chahi project that is his successor to the legendary Another World. It has a ton of production value and beautiful art, but it bombed. It was also the first game to feature a live orchestra score.

And to make it worse, it’s not even easy to get now due to rights issues. I’d honestly have to recommend pirating a disk image and playing on PC.



I don’t know if I would call it slept-on but I do think Fallout: New Vegas doesn’t get the praise it very much deserves. I know a few people who really love it but I think, in genereal, it’s mostly looked at as a side game. Which is a shame because it’s the best Fallout.


Super Mega Baseball is quite good. I don’t typically play sports games, because one game is like the next, so why play an entire season of pretty much identical games? I’ve played 6 seasons of SMB. The reason is the progression loop. It goes like this:

  1. Play some games to get some XP
  2. Level up your profile
  3. This unlock improvements to your team
  4. It’s now easier to win, so increase the difficulty
  5. Earn way more XP on higher difficulties
  6. Repeat step 1

I’m only level 64 of 100, and it takes about 7 games to level up now, so it might be time to up the difficulty again, despite the fact that I’m winning roughly 50% of my games.

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Trash Panic is a strange puzzle game that only came out on the PS3 as a downloadable title. I had tons of fun with it. It’s kind of like Tetris, if, instead of geometric blocks, you dropped trash and tried to smash everything in a bin. The goofiness of the concept sold me, and the difficulty is pretty good; hard but not too hard.


This game was extremely flawed but the way survival was incorporated makes me wish that more people could experience it. I am Alive definitely fits the bill.

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really wasn’t paying attention to games media around the time the new Battlefront came out but I played it when i got back from college that year and it really sucked me in. thought i would be super critical of it due to no one making noise about it. im not even a star wars fan but the gameplay had been satisfying me for some reason.

Essentially yes! It’s a game that either you loved a lot but for one reason or another languished in obscurity (Like Tales from the Borderlands), or games that came out to critical acclaim but didn’t sell well (Like Vanquish by Platinum games.)