The Mythical Year of Too Many Good Games


If there has been a common refrain for 2017, it was "Fuck this year." Which, to be fair, was also the common refrain for last year—and for many before it, too. But what set 2017 apart from past disaster years was the cadence. On some scale, every year brings political losses, environmental disaster, mass violence, economic precarity, and, yes, beloved celebrity death. But no year in my life has offered up fresh crisis with such speed and regularity.

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Hate to do that, but.

A lot of those games that many people liked this year had their own issues. From games made by/with the help of bad people, to games with shitty politics in them, from microtransactions, to (alleged) death of genres.

Was this year great for games? Sure. Was it that great? Nope.

Celebrate carefully!


It actually been awhile since we had a year of Mega hits and the most interesting thing about these good games is that many came from small studios and niche devs. For the small they have a good platform to build up and for the niche they can look to expand to do better.


I hope that “The Death of Single-Player Video Games” is a member of the 2017 Waypoint pantheon.
Like most mythical death figures, The Death of Single-Player takes that which we love from us, operates under rules which are the subject of much speculation and interpretation, and is clearly more of a way for us to deal with our sadness and anxiety with a changing world than an actual force within it.

Also, The Death of Single-Player Video Games is a skeletal figure in dark robes that carries a scythe and an hourglass.


Very good point! We should have our own version of Hell, Hades, Duat, etc. (they all different, I know, don’t throw anything at me!) with all kind of deities.


this austin walker fellow is pretty good at writin words


Okay wasn’t a huge fan of Waypoint High but I’m very much on board with this year’s concept. Still not sure about the idea of attributing accolades to individual characters but that’s whatever.