The National Football League


Thread for talking about all things NFL! State your allegiances here! I’m an Eagles fan for my sins. Fairly happy with how the draft went, if Sidney Jones recovers 100% I’ll be delighted with it!

Anyway, could maybe do with a sports category on here?


Don’t watch Football as much as I would like but for familial reasons I gotta stick with the Steelers.


I’m a Patriots fan. I guess I’m sorry? It’s just who I am.


I am a Jaguars fan, and I take a marginal degree of comfort in knowing that at least the Jaguars are not the Cleveland Browns.


As a Lions fan, I’m cool with all other football teams except the Packers and Bears.


I’m an Australian, but I worked with a lot of US Navy over my time, so I was kinda peer pressured into picking a team (rooting for means something totally different down here). My wife was studying at St Catherines Ontario at the time, so I picked the nearest team…the …Buffalo…fucking… Bills. Jesus help me.


Dolphins will win the superbowl next year so im proud to support them


I like your optimism


Packers/Saints fan, but college ball is my true allegiance.


Lately I cheer for the Bills because they have the longest playoff drought in American professional sports. I have no real allegiance when it comes to football though.


Dolphins fan here.

I’d gladly welcome another first round playoff trouncing but that kind of comes with the territory. At least we’ll lead the league in dudes named after members of the Wu Tang Clan.


Hey there, cowboys fan here. How awesome was Drew Pearson at the draft eh? What a legend.


I’m a Patriots fan. I like the Broncos a lot as well. The NFL is awesome.


Life long Browns fan here. Happy with the direction Hue and Sashi are taking the franchise. Hopefully the team is competitive in a few years.


I truly believe the Browns will be a 13/14 win team within the next 4 years


Bengals fan here. My first football memory was losing to Joe Montana in the Super Bowl, and that was the apex of my football happiness.


Chiefs fan here! I watched the Chiefs win their first playoff game in my memory 2 years ago. It was the best.

I was super stoked with their draft this year. I don’t know if their moving and shaking will all pan out, but I was so tired of just being passive. This is the most excited I’ve ever felt coming out of draft week. By the end of day 1, I knew something was different this year.


Dang, I started typing out San Diego. I guess I’m a LA Chargers fan. Although, I’m having complicated feelings about the move.


Vikings fan here, perennially mediocre and not quite able to get that Lombardi


Although I have Complicated Feelings about the NFL I still watch because I’m trapped. I fork buckets of money over to Comcast just for my 17 Weeks of Joy