The New 'Amnesia' Was Too Scary for Some, and Too Pregnant for Others

Warning: There are minor spoilers for Amnesia: Rebirth in this story.

There are entire departments at game companies dedicated to analyzing player behavior, in the hopes of learning what they want and changing the game accordingly. Things operate quite differently at horror developer Frictional Games. Its creative process means few people outside the studio play the game until it's nearly finished, ensuring most of the feedback the developer processes about their latest game, such as last year's Amnesia: Rebirth, will not arrive until it's out in the wild. Then, for better or worse, they study how folks reacted to it.

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I mean a little late for that warning when you read the title of the article.


A pregnant pause before mentioning that might have been appropriate.


I haven’t played the game, is her pregnancy really a spoiler?

It’s early game and part of the amnesia premise of your character realizing that they are pregnant about an hour in following a flashback and seeing a giant fetus.


Huh. I had only heard of this game in the context of the character being pregnant. Didn’t know that, thank you.