The New 'Death Stranding' Trailer Has Peeing, Holograms, and Lots of Weird Babies

Hideo Kojima showed off new characters and gameplay from his upcoming game Death Stranding on Monday at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. It looks every bit as enticing, mysterious, and hilarious as anything Kojima has done.

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Okay sure pissing as asynchronous multiplayer is impressive (even if he walks right through it…) but was that a “Hey! I’m Sam!” button I heard? Is Kojima actually gonna let us pull a “Jaaasoooon!” here?

The only thing I liked about the new Death Stranding story/character stuff at gamescom was that Norman Reedus’ character consistently made a “wtf!?” expression". It captured my mood while watching pretty well. And not the amazement kind of “wtf!?”.

I’m so bewildered.
They showed Norman Reedus’ character taking a piss.
And the crowd erupted with cheers and applause.
Am I out of touch? Or is it the gamers who are wrong?


I think we are getting the Full Kojima.

I do not think we are prepared for the Full Kojima.


Okay, being serious here: Are big time video games these days just…boring?

Like, all this stuff people are acting so perplexed by were stuff we’ve already seen in countless major releases (Duke Nukem, Borderlands, almost every single game Kojima has ever directed, ect). Are video games being released by the big names these days just this dry and lifeless that a peeing mechanic confuses people?

I mean it’s quirky, but there is clear justification for it being there at just a brief glance of game footage (a lot of sci-fi, like Dune, makes major plot points of people having to store urine in suits to get nourishment in hostile environments, and Death Stranding’s setting has a world ruined by acid rain, for example). Even the pee being used to make stuff grow is extremely blunt metaphor for how Kojima and team see the importance of creative expression (go look up his extremely egotistical studio mission statement about the extinction of humanity and the need for creatives to create).

Like, this is film school 101 symbolism stuff (I remember someone on twitter even pointing out the baby inside Norman Reedus of the Invisible Penis with the Funky Fetus was pretty blunt symbolism for his inner child and hope).

I’ve been in my own weird indie and quirky director bubble (trying to explain SUDA 51’s The 25th Ward would really confuse you all, do not even get me started on trying to explain who the bad guy is), so I’ve been pretty sated for odd, offbeat stuff. Seeing the same reaction to this game over and over both amuses me and concerns me.

Like, what are most major releases like these days that a Kojima game now baffles people? I honestly don’t remember people being this confused by him, even when MGS5 news was leaking out. Sure, people thought some stuff was weird (the sheep story is magical), but the sheer befuddlement I see every time new info is given out is not something I’m used to seeing from the guy’s work (much unlike SUDA 51 before he took a directing break).

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Most big time anything is gonna be relatively boring. Take any of your blockbuster films, or prime time network TV shows. Whatever is made to please the most number of people will end up safe and conservative (not necessarily politically) in goals.

But it didn’t used to be that way for games, even just five years ago.

What in the world happened to suck the life fro-oh right. Companies realized freeium models made millions with no effort.

Hilariously, that’s why Kojima was fired from Konami: A new guy rose through the ranks with a trash mobile gacha game that made $100 million dollars a day.


I mean, even Kojima has had to play the game. MGSV was fascinating and groundbreaking but it also was an open world game with social elements and monetization options. Same with Death Stranding. He still could justify it to the accountants on some level.

And really AAA gaming has been here for a long time now. The big change now is that the genetic “big game” is a open worlds with RPG mechanics. I can remember when the standard big game was a linear shooter with ATBs.

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That was because development was literally stolen from him in the final year, because Konami already decided he would be leaving after development was done. He was locked in a room and every single decision he made was micromanaged by Konami employees.

He didn’t play the game, he was forced to because Konami was already preparing to shift towards a business model that had no need for him or any sort of actual creatives, just people who can code up platforms for microtransactions.

My New Op Ed: Things I’m Hoping This Game Will Engage With Based on the Promotional Material, and My Estimated Percentage Chance That Death Stranding Will In Fact Explore Them:

  • How climate change’s inevitable effects on human life are avoided by the highest class usually at the expense of the lower classes, which I’m seeing in things like preppers. Chance: 30%

  • The nature of throw-away societies and the long-lasting effects of pollution and climate change. Chance: 77%

  • Deconstruction of the US American national identity, interrogating it’s material conditions as a state. Chance: 24%

  • Asking players to make connections with other, real people, and that request’s relationship to games. Chance: 61%

  • How women’s bodies are reduced to their capacity to produce children, which came across in some of Deadman’s dialogue. Chance: 8%

  • The way manual laborer’s bodies are utilized; specifically, how they have to regulate their bodily functions, which seems to already be present in the mechanics in the first place. Chance: 90%

Stay tuned for Things that the game will probably talk about but will probably come off as kind of trite and milquetoste: “Building Bridges”, death, the American Dream, women, childhood, “Ludens”, etc, etc.


I’ve never been a Kojima or Metal Gear fan. Not a moral stance or anything, they’re just not my types of games. The only one I’ve ever finished was Twin Snakes. If you had asked me a week ago, I’d have said I’m curious about Death Stranding, and maybe I’ll pick it up when it goes on sale a year from now.

This afternoon, I realized Death Stranding is my most anticipated game, by a pretty fair amount.

I have no justification for this.

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tbqh I think a lot of the befuddlement is that this is a game that we only have the slightest hint at how the game will actually play, it comes out in only 3 months, and there’s no guarantee it won’t be a giant train wreck. Add in the cult of Kojima with nothing to tie their theories down to, you’ve got a recipe for unhinged excitement.

I agree on the peeing mechanic though, have we all forgotten about D-horse???

I will never forget D-horse. Having your house “do it” in the middle of the road, then watch from the bushes as a jeep full of soldiers runs over it and crashes because of it, is one of the best things in games. Every game with a horse that doesn’t have this is criminal.


Yeah we are 2 and a half months out and I don’t think I’ve seen even 5 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. I mean I kinda know what happens in the game, but like not really?

R* spent all that time on testicles, when they should have been harnessing the destructive power of horse poop

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