The New 'Emma.' Shows the Servants of Jane Austen's Time In New Ways

Exactly one year ago today, Rob and Austin released their Be Good and Rewatch It episode on the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. By sheer coincidence, with two of the regular Waypoint Radio crew out of commission, we decided today to record a podcast on this year's Emma. Join Austin, Rob, Cado, and special guest Natalie Watson as we discuss the film's stellar sets and cinematography, the excellent soundtrack, and the varying adaptation decisions that both land and miss in spectacular fashion. Stick around after the outro for Rob and Natalie's baking corner! You can listen to the full episode below.

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Nobody on the chat liked Mrs. Elton but can I say that Tanya Reynolds was my favorite part of this movie? The way she held her head was superior and so extra, I love it. She’s like Yellow Pearl from Steven Universe come to life.

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While watching this film, its somewhat heightened and comedic tone made me think of Love & Friendship, a really fantastic film (and yet another Austen adaptation). Emma. is definitely not as great a film as L&F but I still thought it was very enjoyable and fun.

For the folks that enjoyed all the clothes and styling (who didn’t?), I recommend checking out this interesting analysis of the costumes, from Tom + Lorenzo.

Fun fact: apparently Emma’s yellow coat was a deliberate homage to Cher’s iconic outfit from Clueless.


I’m pretty into Waypoint maybe slowly evolving into the BA Test Kitchen.


(im still listening to this episode but I got the door dash ad and wow rob’s new rendition of that ad for the post covid world is incredible)


Austin on Austen, Natalie Watson, and 5 Star Runtimes… It truly is as if for once a year, when the borders between worlds are thinnest, Be Good and Rewatch it can pass through and return to us, for just one day…


I loved the movie and I loved the five star runtime podcast. Having Natalie back on the podcast is a real treat.

The costumes and the hats were so amazing. As soon as I saw the first hat Emma is wearing I was blown away by it and started thinking about how I could get something like that.

I’m thinking I will watch it again this evening before my 48 hour rental expires.


what’s the best way to watch this right now? i looked it up on the playstation store last night and i guess because it’s a “digital premiere” the rental price was 19.99… no thanks! :grimacing:

this podcast was something I desperately needed the last few days and now I want to watch the movie again