The New 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' DLC Isn't the Good Kind of Difficult

Even at launch, Fire Emblem: Three Houses had a tension between its strategy layer and its narrative. While perfectly serviceable, the combat part of Three Houses wasn't anything special. The recently released DLC adds a new story and some challenging tactical encounters, but with the same design choices that made combat just fine in the base game. The Waypoint Radio crew discuss this, GDC's cancellation, and (of course) politics on this week's episode. You can read an excerpt or listen to the full episode below.

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Really enjoyed this full run - time pod. I’m VERY curious to hear what people have to say about Stellaris these days. I bought it at launch then dropped it lick a tonne of bricks. I feel like now might be the time to hop in and see what’s happening. Gita’s description of “ASMR Brain” is a very enticing recommendation for a game.

I listened to Rob and Cameron discuss Death Crown on 3MA and immediately went and watched a trailer. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who is remotely interested in this game lookup a trailer. It looks metal AF and it is absolutely going to be at the top of my weekend activities in just a few days.


Austin with that unintentional Desus and Mero reference less than a minute into the podcast. The Brand is Strong!

I actually really enjoyed the difficulty of the Fire Emblem DLC. One problem with the main game is that you can grind your way out of having to worry about difficulty, by being able to choose optional side battles as often as you like (and do so infinitely while in normal difficulty mode). This led to a lot of complaints about the game feeling too easy after a while (including from the Waypoint pod).

In the DLC, the only battles are story battles, and you have a limited amount of other resources to work with too (like the ability to make money or repair your weapons). This lets them tailor the difficulty more so that each stage is still a challenge.

That said, I do understand how it would be frustrating for someone who wants to see the story but gets stuck on a level. Another layer of lower difficulty setting could be useful for that. Nintendo have been responding to people who want more difficulty in Fire Emblem (they patched in a “Maddening Mode” recently), but they haven’t really addressed the other way around.

I didn’t realize you could play Granblue Fantasy in english (since the app was never released here). Looking online, it seems simple if you’re playing in a browser. Now to decide whether or not I have the energy to learn a gacha game. After 6 years it must be fairly complex at this point.

I have to say, this is one of the funniest podcasts I listen to, on a pretty consistent basis. “LIVING. ROOM. GAMING.” killed me.

I think I might actually like the comedic asides more than the stuff about video games, which I guess makes Waypoint Radio the new Podtoid.


I’m glad that Gita and Austin put into words what I was feeling about this DLC. Chapters 2 and 3 were awful slogs and Chapter 4, the one Gita is stuck on, just looked terrible and I didn’t want to do it. I’ve been dragging my feet on this DLC and it really is because the fights are bad.

I really wish the story had some kind of politics behind it too. After Golden Deer was liberal pragmatism, Blue Lions was reactionary fundamentalism, Black Eagles was enlightened absolutism, and Church was theocratic tyranny, we needed another option. Have the Ashen Wolves be Anarcho-Socialism.

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100% endorse, the discussion on the pod does not quite do it justice. I will add that the trailer video I saw actually undersells the music in the game, which is much more haunting and thematic and interesting. nothing wrong with the music in the trailer, I just think the music used in the game is a better fit, at least based on the couple of hours I played. you can hear some in this video