The New ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Nails the Cyberwar and AI Future We Dread

Spoiler alert: the following article contains major spoilers for Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, as well as the rest of the Ghost in the Shell series of movies, shows, and manga.

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I remember dismissing the new series when this scene started to trend:

I’ve still been wanting to give it a try though.


I just hate this art style. Ugh.


This reminds me, I’ve give a lot of Ghost in the Shell media a chance since Stand Alone Complex and I cannot remember any of it. Turns out I just don’t need Ghost in the Shell beyond that first movie and the two seasons of anime.

This looks like dogshit and I’m good.

I had the exact reaction to the art style, lol. It does it zero favours and guarantees a skip for me.


The stand alone episode with Batou is very good. The rest of the show? I couldn’t finish it. It felt like GitS:SAC fanfic. And like… nothing against fan fic. I’ve written my fair share, but you know how you read someone else’s fan fic and it’s very apparent to you that the person writing it missed the point of the thing you both share an interest in?

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I yelled about this in the Anime thread, but yes. Go watch whatever the stand-alone (no pun intended) episode with Batou is (props to Netflix for getting the original voice cast) because it’s outstanding.

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Reminds of Resident Evil: Vendetta

I know these scenes are going for “wow, they’re so superhuman they can dodge gunshots!”, but they always, always just end up feeling like this:

But Vendetta is fun.

when I first saw this scene, people were saying the naked guy is pretty much an overpowered cyber-bajillionaire self-insert of the show’s art director who has an army of maid robot waifus and I have been sighing a very long, nonstop sigh ever since