The New Halloween Has No Idea How Podcasts Work


Saw the new Halloween. Enjoyed myself, but ultimately the picture landed in the “good, but could have been great” category.

Green has a knack for the right style here. Long, steady camera setups that elegantly move around space. Smart use of light sources that create funs pools of shadow for Michael to maneuver through. And the final act is tense fun that turns the first film on its head.

But there’s a lot of cruft here. Jokey one bit characters that aren’t funny enough, plots that are brought up and than dropped, and it perhaps has the worst representation of my profession I’ve seen. Yes as an audio producer the true crime podcasters were a hilarious swipe at relevancy that did some baffling things for their field (yes let’s record something in a loud area with one uncovered zoom recorded with no mic attached).

What did you think of the Halloween (2018)?