The New Mutants First Trailer - Thoughts?


I hope I’m not doing a bad at job at seeing a post about this already, or breaking any forums policies but…

There’s a trailer for Fox’s The New Mutants out. It’s… not what I expected knowing it only as an X-Men spinoff.

But, let the video do the talking…

I wasn’t expecting it to have this terrifying vibe and I’m really digging it. I like how FOX is taking these directions for films in the IP (I loved Logan as well).

What are your thoughts?


here’s my thoughts: I’m grouchy karma isn’t in it
(okay fine I’ll actually watch the trailer)

yeahhh okay looks like it’s probably good but I have a very low threshold for Scary so I think I’ll probably pass


I don’t know if anyone was clamoring for an X-Men universe horror movie, but I certainly wasn’t. It seems like a pretty cynical business decision more than anything else. Horror movies are popular and have been doing really well the past ~8 years, so why not sprinkle some X-Men flavoring onto that.


I’m losing hope with every movie that DC or Marvel releases that any of them will feel like standalone films ever again. They all hit the same beats, every single time, and some character (typically the protagonist) comes out stronger than ever at the end, prepared for the big ensemble movie coming summer 20XX. It’s hard to feel like the little story of Spider-Man dealing with a local arms dealer has any weight at all when the movie can’t stop reminding you that international organizations are preparing for intergalactic war.

In the case of this movie, there’s something about knowing that there are millions of mutants worldwide doing all kinds of public-facing shit that robs this premise of much of its tension. In a haunted house movie, you only know the house, and the people in the house. It creates necessary claustrophobia, and forces you to only think of and, therefore, care about the few characters in the house, even if they suck.

The scope of these established universes is a disservice to the smaller stories the movies are trying to tell, basically. I don’t think I expected to have a problem with how sprawling these comic book movies have become, but that’s the way it goes when you know without a shadow of a doubt this film, Logan, hell even Wonder Woman are all just blips in a larger story.


I’m interested in this considering how it could be a different type of superhero movie, but the horror felt generic in the trailer. I won’t write it off considering that it could just be edited like that for marketing purposes, which I’m hoping is the case.


Yeah. I think my initial reaction was more that we don’t … see a lot of ideas like this in the superhero films of today which I really like even though the trailer did feel a bit too like it was leaning too heavily on asylum imagery + mutants and kinda ‘flash editing to create scares’.


Definitely a fair point, I actually think I like moves like this more for that reason though? Like, if the movie ends up leading into X Men: Phoenix Saga or whatever the next one is, etc. then I’m less keen but I actually think that this movie being a part of a larger universe, if done just enough, services the idea that it’s a world where X-Men are altering timelines, etc. but these younger mutants are still having this horrific time on their end?

If it ends up being like how (in my opinion) Marvel’s Netflix series have headed I’d start to worry but it’s nice that we do see stories that take an approach beyond “the world is at risk if Tony Stark doesn’t do something”.

Though I also understand the Cinematic Universe fatigue as well.


I’m not sure if Horror and power fantasies mesh all that well, but the best place to have those genres cross is adolescence, so I’m on board. The original Demon Bear storyline was kinda lame, but saved by Bill Sienkiewicz art, I hope they mix it up a bit.


Usually not in my opinion, which is a good point and I think makes me more curious to see how this turns out. I hadn’t actually thought of it until you mentioned it though - and your point about an adolescent focused story being a good crossroads is actually a really interesting point as well.

I feel an idea brewing in my head now!