The Next Star Wars Game Could Do With Less Zeffo, More Wookies

Star Wars has been around long enough to gather a rather expansive Extended Universe that expand the world and characters past what you find in the movies. Introducing new elements can be a tricky thing at this point, when there are a lot of expectations and precedents for what a Star Wars property should feel like. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is one of the best Star Wars games in a while, and yet it still has some pitfalls when it comes to introducing a new ancient species into the long established Star Wars canon. That's not to say it can't be done correctly, but that introducing new elements successfully requires careful execution to make it fit seamlessly into the Star Wars mythos. We discuss the Zeffo, Apex Legends newest season, and Outer Wilds on this week's episode of Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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If you’re running out of games to play you could try the VR immersive sim Walking Dead Saints & Sinners…

This feels like another case of the article’s headline and the digest’s content not really matching up… If it read, The Next Star Wars Game Could Do With More Extended DBZ Bits, then it might wash.

That said, I think it’s interesting that this is the polar opposite of a lot of what people have praised about Fallen Order: that it doesn’t really buckle under the weight of canonicity and is willing to make new shit up in that very “original trilogy” sort of way of like, who cares if someone’s done it before, let’s do it our own way.

I actually am not sure which side I agree with. I haven’t finished FO yet, but I find a lot of the inventions charming, and probably an equal if not greater proportion kind of tropey. That’s one of the weird realities of evaluating a big property like Star Wars in today’s media-rich environment–there’s a lot to compare it against. And so staid characterization or conventional world beats almost melt into the background, like, yup, ancient culture of wise precursors, got it, seen it before. Oh wait, they’re not as good and benevolent as everyone has been making them out to be? Hm, weird, that historic hegemonies are not good actually, in comparison to contemporary hegemonies, which we know are not good.

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Good to hear that Austin had the same kind of week as the rest of us. There were times when I was about two bad tweets away from constructing my own Pepe Silvia wall.

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what a great ep. I’m glad they’re talking about these games again cause I JUST finished star wars AND outer wilds. I can’t wait for the spoilercast.
I’m glad rob is enjoying fallen order. I liked it a lot and am excited for them to expand on it for a next game.
just please add fast travel. have merrin teach cal how to teleport and boom, there you go.

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I was in pain listening to the Outer Wilds section and them not knowing there is a mechanic to make time go by faster. But it’s one of those mind-blowing things once you discover it and that’s just part of the game. (Or you discover it in the first 5 minutes of the game and it’s not mind blowing at all). But it’s making them enjoy the game less not knowing. I’m guessing someone will tell them on twitter.


I’m extremely curious about the work environment over at Respawn nowadays now that Vince is pulling double duty over at DICE LA (one of the Apex designers tweeted me that Vince is still at Respawn daily when I asked). I would like to think, particularly given how well Fallen Order sold and how popular Apex still appears to be, that Respawn has carte blanche to do another Fallen Order however they want. I just hope that the leadership team at Respawn doesn’t get bowled over by an ambitious executive looking to leave their fingerprints on Respawn’s success.

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Finally got around to this pod. Who told Austin that he wouldn’t like Stormblood??? It’s exactly his shit. I don’t know what specific he was alluding to that they thought he wouldn’t like. Is it Fordola? I actually thought they handled Fordola very well…

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I really liked Stormblood, but I think a lot of players preferred the singular focus of Heavensward over the story shifting between the two main locations in Stormblood. That’s what I suspect if that person was speaking in broad terms.

I just want to see more places, where people actually live and things happen in the Star Wars universe. I’m so tired of all this wilderness stuff, with super spooky and mystic ancient cultures to be discovered. Give me a city to explore, damn it.

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I think we need a star wars game that isn’t about murdering stuff. They choose these tiny outposts of mystic bullshit and wide open valleys so we can kill things.
EA needs to really open up the styles of star wars games it makes. Disney really needs to take the exclusivity away from EA and let all kinds of studios pitch titles to them.