The one meal for a lifetime


What that one dish that you could possibly live off of for the rest of your life?

Mac & cheese in any form from baked in the oven to shove top either from a box or from scratch. The gooey bubbly cheese with a nice firm pasta.


Home made spaghetti carbonara.

None of that cream stuff, just eggs, cheese, pancetta, garlic, pasta and pepper.

Food of the gods.

Alternatively, if I could have one item of food made for me forever, it would be ramen. The inability to make it at home easily stops it from being #1


Pizza, my life might be very short because of it, but it will be a happy one.


Steak, Sweet potato, mixed veggies.


Is health a concern, or is this a magic, nutritious food that tastes like one specific thing?

I could live by eating alfajors anytime, these sweets are delicious.


Just drown me in chicken korma. :heart_eyes:


A big bowl of khao soi. It’s got everything: it’s got sweet, it’s got savory, bitterness, a little spicy, some crunch, a whole mess of slurpy noodles…


In other words. I would love me some Pupusas.

I can also do Pizza every day too but Pupusas are superior.


Steak. That is all.


I second pizza - it’s such a broad category I doubt I could ever get sick of it.


The two ultimate foods are chicken and spaghetti. Therefore, chicken parmesan is the World’s Greatest Meal.


Curry, probably.


Pizza with mandatory pineapple on it. I will live my best life.


Bibimbap. It is filling, has a really good mix of food groups and stays really interesting for that reason. No problem eating bibimbap forever.


Assuming this means the entire range and not just one kind for the rest of my life, sushi.


Bagels, like the ones from good Jewish delis (if we’re choosing). I’ve previously had them for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (when “breaking fast” from the high holy days) and they’re pretty versatile. Grain, Meat, Dairy, Veggies…


Burritos. Fresh, not frozen. I never get tired of them. Sometimes I finish one and think, “I could go for a burrito”


Good ravioli would probably do me good for a long time.


although I may categorically question their superiority to Pizza (because no food is superior to it), I do have to try and make some of those. Never heard of them before.


Pizza is very good and I love it but pupusas are just very very good. Maybe it’s just special to me because of my family but imagine a thick corn tortilla stuffed with cheese (or the inferior pork or beans) & topped with pickled cabbage & then tomato sauce. It’s basically the best sandwich.