The ongoing GDQ special: CRDQ

I just realised that we don’t have a thread for this, so I made this one.

GamesDoneQuick had to reschedule the regular SummerGamesDoneQuick due to COVID19, so this weekend they’re running a special “Covid Relief Done Quick” short speedrun event, with all the speedruns streamed directly by the streamers themselves, rather than at a big convention centre. <-- schedule link

It’s been a little janky at times - some speedrunners have decidedly sub-optimal home bandwidth or cameras - but one positive thing has been that the runners selected have been mostly “lesser known” runners, or at least GDQ regulars, so it’s helped to raise visibility.

[Personally, I’m mostly interested in seeing which of Deus Ex and DXHR wins the bid war for that speedrun slot.]


That’s really cool. I’ve seen a lot of charity streams going around lately, and it’s heart warming to see people do this.

Thanks, hadn’t heard anything about this yet.

I’m hoping the runs are archived after on the youtube channel. Because if so, everyone needs to check out the Pump it Up run from the rhythm game section. It was real intense and impressive to see.

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As it so happens, here’s a clip:


Yeah, that was a terrifying display of physical aptitude. And trying to commentate at the same time!