The origin of Spicy

I’ve noticed “spicy” spread through all my PUBG playing friends like a weird contagion, and I think it may come from a streamer?

Has anyone noticed this? We saw how it infected Crowbar & Sickle, I wonder who did it too, but who is patient zero in the PUBG streaming community and how, if it’s someone else, started it all? Hell,

I NEED to get to the bottom of this. It’s such a good term for “stressful/bold/difficult but fun/silly” so I see why it stuck and multiplied like the plague on that place.

The one who infected me was a streamer called Aculite but I don’t have confidence on him being is the first.

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My first time hearing it in this form was from Desus and Mero on Bodega Boys and their Vice show. I don’t know if they’re the ones who have popularized it to where it is right now but that’s where I first heard it.


I blame Yakuza 4


I’ve heard them on the Vice show too but it’s weirdly spread specifically through PUBG players in a way that raises questions.

Of course I don’t think it was invented there, shit’s been spicy forever, but it got real popular as of late.

First time I heard “spicy” in reference to PUBG it was Will Smith saying it. I’d like to know where he learned it from.

Spicy is a self-evident descriptor. Areas being described in terms of “Heat” is nothing new, “ABC is a hot zone” etc.
Asking where the origin point for the linguistic replacement of hot with “spice” in PUBG feels less useful than understanding it as an inevitability of our use of language. Even if there was a streamer who said it and had it catch on, there’s no way to say that they were the first to ‘use’ the reference point of spice when describing drops in Plunkbat.


It’s been used for a long time in the MTG (Magic: the Gathering) community to mean interesting, unexpected, weird, or strong.

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I think this is yet another thing you can blame Dave Lang for, as one of his streams is the first time I’ve heard it. I think Will Smith is likely another, or main, culprit.

Before all the video game websites i follow started doing battlegrounds streams I was looking for a youtuber/streamer that wasn’t super gross and found Northerlion and crew. They used spicy a lot.

I also got a lot of my other ways of referring to unnamed locations in the game from NL. Like calling the set of 3 buildings in the military base “C Dot” or that compound of houses north of crater with unique building models “Villa”.

But I’m honestly unsure at this point whether they invented it or if they were ALSO cribbing it from other streamers.
I’d really like to know the origin point for a lot of the fan terms in PUBG as i find it super fascinating.

Also IDK if it was Russ Frushtick or Will Smith of Foo that used the term “Wizard Tower” first. Could of been someone else they took it from! It’s wild!


It comes from the Far East along the Silk Road, although I hear tales of sailors using Southern and even Northern routes to bring ships full of choice spices to market, and sailing home with holds stacked high with gold.


I only just recently picked up PUBG but I’ve apparently watched enough of the NLSS Squad videos that I literally cannot say anything other than “bandies” and “scopie” when referring to bandages and scopes.

I don’t watch nearly enough PUBG content to even hazard a guess at where spicy incepted its way into the community though.

Important If True:




If Chris Remo is the cause for spicy’s frequent use in PUBG games i would

  1. not be surprised. i mean. i recently learned Chris Remo was the guy behind the Back to the Future hoax from a few years ago.
  2. find it completely fitting lol

yeah i know this from the podcast ‘important if true’ which at least predates pubg & intersects with this whole crowd.
before that? who knows. i forget the exact conversation they have on the show


I first heard it months ago by Chris Remo on Important If True.

Clearly we must ask Northerlion is he has hoisted us all

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From the archives:

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Important if true was where I first heard it too. (I cringe every time.) It came up pretty randomly from Chris as a sign-off, much to the cringe of Jake and Nick. He really seemed to want to make it a thing, and seems to have succeeded. Will Smith knows all those guys, so it fits.

Am I missing something? Spicy has been used in video games for as long as salty. Unless there is some new meaning being applied to it in PUBG. They’ve used it a lot in league of legends for the last 4 years. Spicy memes. Spicy life. et al.

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