The Overlooked Anime Thread


We all have our faves, and of those faves, there’s always some that we feel deserve way more love. Let’s share our faves and share our love of some series that others may have overlooked!

To start with:

Kemono no Souja Erin: a coming of age story about Erin, a 10 year old girl who grows up to be a beastinarian. Lovely slice of life mixed with fantasy with a great heroine lead.


Anyone who hasn’t seen Tetsuwan Birdy Decode and likes a good sci-fi action show really owes it to themself to at least check it out. Plus it’s got a great soundtrack.

I also don’t really see many people talk about Kyousougiga and I don’t know if that’s just cause it wasn’t well liked or a lot of people didn’t watch it or what. The plot can leave a bit to be desired but it’s got amazing visuals and a lot of heart. And it’s only 10 episodes to it’s nice and short. It’s sort of a show about the concept of a non-standard family inside of a weird, science fantasy Alice in Wonderland allusion.


:purple_heart: i like Dimension W :purple_heart:


Does Serial Experiments Lain count?

If not, any hot reccos similar to that?


Gasaraki is basically Mecha Desert Storm powered by the Magic of Kobuki, the writing isn’t great but the plot is bonkers and the mech designs and combat are really good:


Noein yall, god damn Noein.

Seriously, if you’ve any interest in Sci-fi get this watched. It explains fuck all for ages, giving one half of the story a proper introduction and letting the other half bleed into the narrative bit by bit. It’s absolutely brilliant and I swear you’ll be obsessed with the thing for life once you get it watched.

And did I mention that it’s gorgeous? It’s gorgeous.


My friend I am the dude who will talk about Kyousougiga. That show is preeetty dope, even if I think it stumbles a bit around the middle, it saves it by the last episode.


The Tatami Galaxy.

Story about a 3rd year college student and their journey to have a perfect college experience…while not exactly knowing what that means. It’s sort of lite sci-fi mixed with slice of life and character study. It’s also the most most visually stunning anime out there imo.

It’s all on Funimation’s site for free too.


One show that I haven’t seen much discussion of but definitely should be known about is Mushishi. It follows a traveling shaman who uses his knowledge of supernatural creatures known as “mushi” to help people with the ailments and curses that these creatures cause. It differs from most anime in that it is completely episodic aside from the main characters backstory and has little to no action in it at all. I’m tempted to call it a “chill” or “relaxing” show, but there are some darker aspects of the show that would be undermined by those words, including a couple of sequences that are downright disturbing. Overall, If your looking for an anime that does things differently, give Mushishi a shot.

Also, this may not really be overlooked, but just in case I’ll put in a good word for Nichijou. It’s a fucking bonkers comedy whose style is hard for me to put into words, so I’ll just post a clip instead. There’s plenty more where that came from if your interested.


Also that opening.


I’m really psyched to check out these recs.

An old favorite of mine: Angel’s Egg by Mamoru Oshii. This film could have only been created in late-eighties economic boom Japan. It’s an exploration of his loss of faith as a dark, moody and incredibly elaborate film with no dialogue.


There’s one that’s getting very overlooked from this year. It’s called Kado: The Right Answer. I recommend watching ep 0 first without knowing anything about it but if you want a reason it’s a lot like Arrival but instead of aliens it’s an inter-dimentional being and instead of a “weapon” it’s the ability to provide infinite energy. It’s a really enticing political drama more than anything else but the twist in the first episode comes in really strong.

March Comes in like a Lion is also a really great story about family, feeling like an outsider and using shoji (Japanese Chess) as a medium to fill that void. Beautiful art, bitter-sweet story, good writing.

Kids on the Slope. It’s about the jazz scene in Japan in the 60’s. It is another high school anime but there is enough unique about it for that it that qualifiers like that shouldn’t hold you back for this one.

All are on Crunchyroll btw


I tried to find the JoJo edit, but it was a vine. The tragedy of this loss will be felt for generations to come. Here is a gif instead.


Kids on the Slope is soooooo goooooood. I had that Art Blakey tune stuck in my head for weeks after watching it.