The Overtime Goal That Reshaped Europe's 'Rocket League' Scene

One botched play—and a seized opportunity—sent a power team into the lower division.

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Watched this live. Carpet and Wavepunk were giddy the entire match, and for good reason. Such a good series.

I don’t follow Rocket League competitively at all, but the clip (and this article) are both totally incredible in their own rights. Really fun to watch, good work from Aeriality to seize the opportunity when they did.

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I didn’t start following until last season. Honestly, it’s just nice to throw on in the background on saturday mornings as I’m reading for my upcoming weeks.

The personalities at the desk are all really engaging and obviously love what they’re doing. I’m not sure where you’re located, but if it’s on and you have nothing better to do, I would say def. give it a shot.