The Path to Destroying Capitalism Might Go Through a Software License

When we think of radical action, ways of reconceptualizing basic assumptions about how the world should operate in pursuit of a more just society, chances are something as innocuous as a software license, a dump of text that determines what you can or cannot do with lines of code made by someone else, isn't what comes to mind. 

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This is rad as hell.

this reminds me I once loaded up nier automata on pc but instead of playing I got curious about a menu in which you could read licenses from all sorts of middleware used to build the game. then this showed up (with all the typos):

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the BSD License. Use by owners of Che Guevarra
parafernalia is prohibited, where possible, and highly discouraged

until today, I thought I might’ve been misremembering something or maybe it was a weird dream, as I uninstalled nier and never found that license in the internet. but upon writing this, it suddenly came to me the exact way they mispelled “guevara” and I finally found the contents of that menu (the license I quote is at the top of the page).

idk about you all but I think patrick should bring this up on the next yoko taro interview