The PC gaming/building/tweaking/buying thread [Possibly image heavy]

It appears Gigabyte is releasing an ITX sized 1080 this Friday, so you’re in luck:

I don’t think there’s a price yet. A 1080 will be a huge jump over the 970, though.

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For anyone looking for a small build (and willing to pay for boutique small-run case), the Kimera Cerberus is finally coming. They’re hoping to have them shipped in November. MicroATX case smaller than many mini-ITX cases.

Exact specs of my last build, since replaced with a 6700k @ 4.5ghz and a GTX 1070 @ 2050mhz (ish). I got a 1440p/144hz/ips/gsync monitor so it wasn’t too hard to justify the upgrade to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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100% agreed. They update regularly and provide a nice balance between purely parts-based and actual builds.

I built my pretty modest rig in 2013 using Logicalincrements and although it’s no longer a brute, it still lets me run demanding games on Ultra at 1080 with stable framerates. I also built it for pretty cheap considering that in 2017 I can still run everything well (though at 1080.)

i5/970/16G ram.

How is everyone getting their 6700k to 4.5? Mine is running weirdly hot as it is even though the cooler is top tier :confused:

What vcore? What motherboard and cooler? Are you OCing your ram, and if so, what voltage and speed (using XMP?)?

Hey there :slight_smile:

All my info’s in the OP, I’m still at stock (XMP on).

Turn off XMP and do a load test. What vcore do you see under CPU-Z?

It’s 8AM where I live, too early to try right now ^^

I’ll get back to you.

Please keep us posted!

I currently am about to build my first PC! I’m just waiting on my CPU to arrive! Here is what I have planned:

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 w/ Stock Cooler
GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SSC (Bought Used for a low price)
RAM: CORSAIR 1x8GB 2666mHz
CASE: P400S Tempered Glass

I’m wanting to upgrade my GPU in December. I’m leaning towards the EVGA 1080 because I want a consistent 60fps at 1440p. Will the parts I have transition well with a 1080? What will I need to improve/add? Or should I just go with a 1070? Any help would be awesome!


Pretty sure a 1080 will go fine with your system! Don’t know how good the stock Ryzen cooler is, but other than that it looks good :slight_smile:

I would add another 8 gigs of RAM though. And I hope you didn’t cheap out on the PSU!

Thanks! Yeah, I’m about to buy two or three more case fans, and I will definitely replace the CPU cooler once I have my GPU upgrade. As for the RAM, I’m honestly just waiting for a good deal on 16GB of 3000 or 3200, the RAM I have now is just to last me a couple of months.
Here’s the PSU: (Hopefully, I didn’t cheap out on it. If I did, that’s okay because I bought it for $40 with a rebate!)

It’s a fine PSU, no need to worry.

I believe Seasonics are fairly reliable, it’s just that I always recommend gold PSUs - they may be more expensive to buy but there’s less energy wasted as heat, which means power savings and less fan noise.

But as @ISee said, it’s fine :slight_smile:

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I’ll second recommending getting another stick of RAM. Not only has 16GB kinda become the new 8GB but also using one stick is bad speed wise.

A 1080 will be mighty fine and you’ll have some wiggle room regarding graphics settings in most games too.

Also price/performance on 1080s is good these days if you get one for a decent price so it’s not like you’re throwing money out the window for slightly better performance.

Good build I say.

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Yeah, I am a little concerned about the RAM myself. I’ve heard that Ryzen CPU’s really benefit from dual channel RAM. (I’m not an expert at all though.) Would you recommend to go ahead and aim for 3200mHz 16GB? Because I can still return my current RAM for a new setup since I haven’t started building yet. I’d rather do that now than need to replace later.

Go with 3000 if 3200 is more expensive, you shouldn’t see a difference.

1080 is pretty good yeah, I mean even upgrading from a 980 the difference in performance was worthwhile IMO.

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I’ll get the one you can get a decent price on. RAM prices are kinda bad right now and I think it’s not gonna get better anytime soon. So 3000Mhz should probably do it.

You could look up some comparisons but I’m gonna say real life performance difference will be negligible if you aim for 60fps.

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