The PC gaming/building/tweaking/buying thread [Possibly image heavy]


Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of benchmark videos focusing on CPU/RAM speeds, and the difference doesn’t warrant an upgrade. However, I’d like for my RAM to be one of the few parts I do not need to upgrade for a couple of years, so I think the lowest I should go is 3000Mhz like you said. Do you have any recs on RAM kits for a Ryzen build?

Yeah, I’ve been kind of blown away by how intuitive this forum is. Wish I would’ve joined a long time ago.


Personally I bought a kit of 3000 corsair lpx myself with my new CPU. They were among the cheaper kits and I was looking for low profile kit because my CPU cooler kinda blocks some of the RAM slots.

In terms of RAM just get the ones you can get a decent price on, it’s not worth overspending, these kits should all be fine.


I favor Ripjaws personally, but I don’t know how well they work with Ryzen (though I can’t imagine why there would be an issue). But as @Zojirushi said most brands are fine.


However I do just recall some compatibility issues regarding higher clocked RAM sticks on Ryzen so it might be worth doing a quick search once you’ve decided on a kit. That stuff all sounded like motherboard bios issues though so maybe these things will get fixed over time anyway. Worst thing that happens is you’re gonna use your RAM at a lower speed than advertised for a while.


I think those issues have mostly been solved, mostly just BIOS updates, as you say. @dyliepew check the BIOS update history of your mobo on the manufacturer website, you will probably come across an entry that mentions compatibility with higher clocked RAM.


Appreciate both of your help! I now have a better picture of my options, and some research to do before finalizing the build. I’ll try to remember to give an update once I have finished the PC though! Have a good night.


For what it’s worth, ASUS boards (I use an X370 and a A350M in two different builds) don’t like running RAM at anything above stock in my experience. I’ve tried both Hynix and Samsung B RAM. Both boards are updated to the latest BIOS. Will not post at anything above stock.

I can force my MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 paired with Hynix(not compatible) up to just shy of 3000Mhz.

ASUS has really dropped the ball on their Ryzen board BIOS.

For best RAM compatibility look for Samsung B.


That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile: If you’ve got any more questions don’t hesitate, and yeah, definitely post updates (and pics!)


Did a Burn test with XMP on and off, in both cases Vcore is 1.248. CPU temps are about 3°C lower with XMP off though.

It’s actually not as bad as I remember, only high 60s this time.


With the release of the Wolfenstein: The New Colossus specs, I’ve run into a major snag. I had preordered the game on Amazon, and I want it bad, but my GPU does not meet the minimum requirements. I have a GTX 960 2gb, and the game requires a 4gb vram at minimum.

Now, I found some benchmarks that seem to say it will still be playable with over 30 fps, which I’m cool with. But, since I ordered on Amazon, I can’t return it if it doesn’t run. So I cancelled.

Now, I’m looking at GPU prices, because, mine is only two years old, but I was bargain shopping. And, of course, prices are ridiculous. I could buy a PS4 instead (which I do not want to do) if I wanted to upgrade to meet this game’s requirements. WTH, GPU market?

I wonder, can vram be upgraded?


It cannot.

My advice is see how the game runs when capped at 30fps when it comes out. Chances are you’ll be fine that way, just make sure to lower some VRAM intensive settings like texture quality.


Nope, sorry. I think you should wait for the game to release and see if it runs based on feedback (which it really should, it’s based on the same engine as DOOM), or get a 1060 6Gb (unfortunately AMD cards are still terrible value because of inflated prices due to miners), or just go ahead and get a higher-end card that will last you longer.

For info, DOOM ran at 57-67fps at 1080p ultra on a 960. I think they may be quoting higher sysreqs than are actually needed.


Thanks, I’ll wait for further benchmarks after it comes out, and buy a returnable version.

I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to run it at lower settings. They’re bringing it to Switch, after all. Maybe their minimum is still for 60 fps?


Minimum is for 720p60, yes.


Thank you, will investigate further when it drops.


Usually VRAM usage doesn’t really scale with fps though right? So that minimum rec for 720p is a little concerning.


In any case we will most likely be talking about the game’s performance here. I know I’m buying it and I can’t be the only one. Can’t wait to feed it to my 1080 :smiley:

That’s true. Maybe their textures are super huge?


In any case 2GB cards are gonna get you in trouble in a lot of modern games. Keep in mind that consoles have like I think around 5GBs available for games these days so Nvidias has definitely been a little stingy with VRAM in the 900 series of cards.


Yeah, I’ll definitely have to upgrade. I’m just kind of shocked at the prices nowadays.


What cards have you been looking at?

I think some cards are more affected price influx wise by Bitcoin mining stuff than others


I’ve only glanced since I saw the specs last night.

I got sticker shocked, and ultimately cancelled my preorder because it was not returnable after I would try it.

Anyway, I want nvidia, and I need at least 4gb vram, apparently.