The PC gaming/building/tweaking/buying thread [Possibly image heavy]


So I guess 1050Ti at a minimum, which is around what, $150? Or 1060 6Gb for about $320 (this will last you a lot longer, three years give or take, or at least until the current console gen ends).


Thanks for the guidance. I’ll look into it, start hunting down a deal. Maybe wait for Black Friday, or whatever.


Black Friday should net you some good deals, yeah :slight_smile:


So I figured this is a good place to ask a question.
I’m currently “rocking” :

  • intel i5 650
  • gtx 670
  • 8 gb ram

Now obviously it barely runs anything in this day and age, and I wanted to do a slight upgrade. The question is - will a mere gpu boost (like upgarding to a 1060 for example) improve my performance? Or will there be too much of a bottleneck forcing me to update the cpu as well?
I have a Asus P7H55 motherboard so I don’t even know if I can upgrade my cpu without changing that too.


At this stage? Bottleneck I’m afraid :frowning:

Here’s my experience: going from a first-gen i7 875K overclocked to 3.2Ghz to a stock 6600K, and with the same video card (980) and same amount of RAM (not the same speed of course, went from DDR3 to DDR4), I went from 55-65fps in The Witcher 3 to 80-90 at the same settings (high/ultra, 1080p, no hair physics). You’re at the point where upgrading your video card isn’t going to do much because the calculations for modern “high-end” games are going to be too complex for your CPU to give you decent framerates (I’m simplifying here). Of course if you’re not looking to play “AAA” games then you can probably squeeze some more mileage out of your build by way of an SSD if you haven’t got one yet, some more RAM and maybe a second-hand 970.

Just upgrading the video card will get you a performance boost, but you won’t be getting the most out of it and you will probably have to contend with framerate instability.

You could save up and overhaul the whole thing and get a massive leap in performance for reasonable money. $600-$800 would get you a pretty rocking rig compared to what you have now (see very good, great and superb builds here).


Hey all! Kinda new here, and thought I’d share an interesting little story about hardware which I’ve had over the last few days.

So this was kind of a weird weekend for me, hardware wise. On Friday evening while I was playing Zelda and watching some Twitch streams my router died. Literally died. No power or anything.

I then didn’t turn on my gaming PC until yesterday and when I did, it just showed me the BIOS. Took me a while to realize the primary drive, a Samsung EVO 850 SSD was just gone. It kinda makes me wonder if there was some weird power surge that fried both the SSD and the router, but both are on power surge protectors, so I dunno, maybe the weirdest coincidence.

Anyway, in the process of getting a new drive in there until the RMA of this SSD goes through (already in progress), I remembered I had this other Intel SSD lying around. I got this Intel SSD in another computer I bought second hand a while ago, which I turned into a workstation. I had literally never used it, but I knew it was somewhat old.

So I put it in the computer, reinstall Windows, etc, and decide to go and play a match of Overwatch. I noticed that map loading was kinda…slow. Slow to the point where when the map finished loading, I was about to get kicked out of a match for inactivity.

So then, I looked some things up, and for comparison sake, some read/write speeds:

  • Seagate HDD (oldschool spinning rust) which I have on that computer for storage: 210MBps read, 156 MBps write
  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO (the one that died): 540MBps read, 520MBps write
  • Intel SSD X-25M, that intel SSD I’m using, a 2009 model: 250MBps read, 100MBps write

So yeah…that thing is kinda slow. I then looked it up a bit and this was almost one of the first “decent” SSDs on the consumer market.


That sounds not too bad. Is that at 4ghz on all cores? Try cranking up to 4.3ghz on all cores and see if you need to bump vcore.

Keep in mind some benchmarking tools will stress your CPU more than it’ll see in any regular usage (i.e. games). I’m not a full-on ‘purist’ when it comes to stability. For me, if I can run it through prime95 for say 30 minutes and it’s fine and then game for the night without any issues that’s good enough for me. If I end up blue screening some time later I just bump the vcore up a little (depending on what’s needed) and that’s good enough.

Also keep in mind XMP will not always be stable. You’re better off setting your RAM timings/voltage manually. And if you need to, you might have to bump the speed down a little, depending on how high a CPU overclock you’re going for.


Your CPU will be bottlenecking you hard and CPU bottlenecks are always way worse to deal with than GPU limitations.

Unfortunately that’ll be a CPU+MB+RAM ( upgrade for you but it’ll be worth it long term.


When are the next Nvidia cards going to drop? Kinda having the itch to upgrade my 970. :drooling_face:


End of the year probably, maybe early 2018? Expect it to be expensive as they’ve announced they’re using HBM2 memory and mem modules are pricey these days.


Thanks for the quick reply, Rama! :smiley: I will be patient and wait for those cards and the overall GPU forecast. :+1:


My guess is late Q1 2018 or early Q2 (think april, perhaps?). With the 1070 Ti coming out shortly I don’t think they’re in any rush to bring the next generation of cards to market.

Also no guarantee they won’t start with the Titan and bring the mainstream cards in later… this is all just speculation. IMO, if you need a new video card just buy one. If you’re OK for now then maybe wait it out.


They announced nothing new in this year a little while back we’re probably looking at like March or so


@Rama @Zojirushi Thanks for the replies!
I feared that’s the case. Unfortunately where I live everything costs way more, so if I really need to upgrade basically most of my PC it’s going to have to wait.
Anything particular on the horizon worth keeping an eye on? I know the 8th generation intel cpus are about to come out (or already have?)


they have come out but the availability is garbage


Keep an eye out for that i5 8400. It’s gonna be the bang for the buck CPU for the forseeable future for gaming focused builds.


Especially once the cheap coffee lake intel motherboards come out early next year.


That’s the main thing, most currently available CL mobos are the high end Z boards. Better wait for thee mid-range ones to come out before deciding on a midtier CL build.


Actually, I wonder if it would be possible to put a Sapphire Tri-X R9 Fury’s cooler onto Vega? Probably not, mainly due to mounting incompatibilities, I’d assume. How similar are the Fury and Vega PCBs?


I built this in March of this year. I’m loving it! Especially once I bought the monitor after I was done with the build

Processor: i5 7600k
Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 612 Ver.2
GPU: GTX 1070
Mobo: ASRock Z270 KILLER
Case: NZXT H230 Black ATX Mid Tower
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz x2
Power Supply: CORSAIR - CX Series Modular CX750M 750W

my baby: 1440p, 144hz, Dell - 27" LED GSync Monitor

I think I need to get another case fan or two, or work on making sure my airflows are right because some of my temp readings seem just a bit high