The PC gaming/building/tweaking/buying thread [Possibly image heavy]


What are your temps like? What’s your cooling setup like?


Just on Overwatch I’m hitting 78c during high action times. I think I’ve only got an extra fan in there in addition to the CPU fan. I’m at work right now but I’ll look at it when I get home


78 CPU or GPU? Do you only have the CPU cooler and one case fan? Front mounted or back?

Definitely get a second case fan if you’ve only got one!


Haha good question I’m clearly not in a place to correctly answer your question. I was just using the Overwatch built in monitor and I think that measures the GPU temp

Yeah, one case fan, I’ve been slacking on another one. The one that IS on there is back mounted

One thing that I was told might help is flipping my PSU upside down? Not sure on the validity of that advise though


Wait, what? Hell no, that’s just going to dump the heat from your PSU into your case!

Also: get another case fan!!!

And if 78C is your GPU temp that’s actually not too bad, but I do wonder about your CPU. Grab HWMonitor and run Prime95 for a bit, see how hot your CPU gets.


Also check your GPU usage. If you’re not capping your fps and GPU is at 100% all the time 78 is probably not even too bad.

The thing I always recommend everybody should do is get MSI afterburner to check on stuff like GPU/CPU temps and usage during gameplay and also cap framerates if needed.


Thanks Rama, super helpful! I’ll update later when I get a chance


I mean, that depends on how his PSU is mounted at the moment. @JosephN4, you want the vertical fan pointing towards the outside of the case, away from all the components. Hopefully that’s how it’s currently set up, but if it’s not, definitely change it!

Speaking of case fans, what are people’s feelings on positive versus negative air pressure? When I built my current PC in early 2015 people seemed pretty divided ok the relative pros and cons. I ended up going with positive pressure (i.e. more fans pointing in than out), and I have to say that I’ve been impressed with how little dust I get in there. I don’t open the case up nearly often enough (like, once a year now that I’ve stopped habitually buying SSDs [I have five; I near enough ran out of SATA ports]), but even so, it’s always pretty spotless in there. Except that time there was some spider web…

I guess having absolutely all of my cabling routed behind the motherboard tray helps a lot, too. It’s kind of a struggle to cram it all back there, but I can just about manage it, and it makes things so infinitely nicer around ok the business side.

I have a Fractal case (R4, I think), and I’d definitely be inclined to stick with them for any future builds. None of that flashy light-up nonsense for me; the more it looks like the monolith from 2001, the better.


Ohhhh. Thanks! Definitely going to check that out.


I got the R4 as well.

I just stuck to the default case fans, which is one in the front sucking air in and one in the back blowing it out. CPU cooler should be mounted so it shoves air from the front to the back.

Never had any temperature related issues during the five years I’ve been using this setup.


How would heat be dumped from the PSU into the case?

If anything, the PSU would be pulling warm air out of the case and exhausting it.

PSUs exhaust out the back where the power cable and switch are located.

The fan on the top (or bottom depending on mounting) of the PSU is it’s intake.


Went with positive for my build (2 in, 1 out), but since my R5 has good dust filters it hasn’t really been an issue.

And yeah, good cable management helps, meaning it’s always a good idea to spring for a case with plenty of room behind/under the motherboard and for a semi-modular PSU.


I love my no frills NZXT, plenty of room in the back I managed to squeeze just about everything back there as far as chords go


Uh, yeah, i have a similar setup to yours (6600k instead of 7600k) and I get 70ish on Overwatch. I have a couple of fans on the huge heatsink on the CPU, one in the back and two in the front.


Again, are we talking CPU or GPU? Because a GPU in the high 70s is fine, but a non-overclocked Kaby Lake CPU with a mid-range cooler should be in the high 60s/ low 70s under load, ideally.


I was gonna say CPU initially, but after seeing @JosephN4 comment about the Overwatch temp indicator being GPU checked it and that’s definitely GPU temperatures. I know I measured the CPU temperatures with HWMonitor and Afterburner back when I got this setup going and they were good, but can’t remember actual values now.


I decided to be impatient and went for the Raijintek Morpheus 2 anyway. Got two awesome Noctua fans as well to go with it. If one fan is good enough, then I have a better CPU fan now. They are the NF-F12 iPPC 3000s. Should make Vega run super cold.

I will report back with images when I install it!


Given the heat generated by Vega, I’d go with both fans. Can’t wait for those pics! Be sure to post some before/after tests.



Well this is frustrating now I got a Z370 mainboard and some RAM lying here to look at and no CPU to mount on.

Intel hurry the fuck uuuuuup…


Should be awesome, I had jury-rigged a case fan on my 970 and it runs way cooler than on the cheap ones that came with it