The PC Gaming Show Is the Best E3 Press Conference

E3 is a yearly hype experience where companies talk about new hardware, developers tell us about their upcoming games, and everyone gets together to holler about their favorite video games. The biggest companies, like Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Bethesda, run their own press conferences so that we can mainline their new information directly into our eyes and ears. But the real star of the week is the PC Gaming Show.

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This really captures a lot of what I love about the PC Gaming Show. Most of the time it’s been the one show that introduces me to more interesting new games to look forward to than the any other, sometimes more than the rest of the conferences combined.

My personal favourite this time around was Unexplored 2 - what a gorgeous, beautiful game, and given what they did in the first Unexplored and the people behind the design, I am extremely hyped for the gameplay and systems we’ll get to play with. I went and backed it on Fig later that day.

It saddens me that most of the outlets I follow that aren’t PC-focused completely glaze over the show or pretend it doesn’t exist. I haven’t caught up with Waypoint’s Monday coverage yet, but the podcast description doesn’t seem to mention it. Another podcast I listen to recently spent about 20-30 minutes discussing each upcoming conference and making predictions, but when the PC Gaming Show came up in the roster the three hosts basically said “Eh, isn’t it all hardware and esports?” and moved on without talking about it at all.

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The PC Gaming show has been my favorite part of E3 since it started. I miss the original format of Day[9] sitting at a desk interviewing nervous smalltime indie devs. It still is largely indie focussed with most of the big companies being more AA (borderlands being the exception this time). Almost always I find a game or two that I hadnt previously heard of that completely captures my attention Like Enter the Gungeon when that was shown years ago or Ooblets or that weird shark game. Kinda wish the show could be done 4 times a year cause theres so many other games I’d love to see indie devs present

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