The Pentagon’s Long and Complicated History With Video Games

Call of Duty, a game all about wars both real and imagined, is one of the best selling video game franchises of all time. The military created the tech that made video games possible, and now it’s using it for everything from training to treatment for complex post-traumatic stress disorder to recruitment.

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I’m glad they gave space for some pushback against what the US Military is doing in this episode, I guess, but the recruitment tactics here are just so disgusting. The amount of money and resources that are behind these operations is just so enormous. And like… There is no mention from these military officials of what the military actually does. It talks about benefits, community, gaming, all that… but why are they recruiting people? What happens after those people are recruited, huh? God. It’s so creepy. Austin Walker has said that they’ll be talking about it more on a podcast on Friday, hopefully more critically.

I know video games have always been connected to the military. Some of the earliest video games were combat simulation programs. But personally, I’ve always preferred Tennis for Two.