The Perfect Double-Bill


Inspired by this tweet:

If you could make a dream double-bill, what would you put on? In the spirit of this being a Video Game Forum, I’d also be interested to hear what games you’d pair together - especially if they’re of a length where they could reasonably be played back-to-back!

Here’s some I came up with:
Punishment Park // Factory Complex (two of my very favourite films! trying to get people to leave the cinema and start the revolution)
The First Lap // Porco Rosso (another two of my favourite films about family and longing and loss and love)
Pulse (Kairo) // It Follows
New World // Outrage
Crybaby // Wild At Heart
Lady Snowblood // The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
The Wicker Man // Kill List
Nightmare on Elm Street // Hush
The Purge: Election Year // Saw VI (just to prove a point about how modern exploitation horror can be interesting and topical)
The Man From Nowhere // John Wick
Polyester // Jackass 3D
A Streetcar Named Desire // The Room
Day of the Outlaw // The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


this is actually a truly horrible and bad idea for a double feature but

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade // Sucker Punch

just to highlight how truly atrocious and absolutely without merit Sucker Punch is as a movie in contrast with an amazing film that deals with (some) similar themes and is a work of art


spy kids // spy kids 2


I always found it kind of funny how My Neighbour Totoro was a double feature with Grave of The Fireflies when they were initially released in Japan.


Last year me and my friend did double feature that was John Wick 2 followed by Black Dynamite. The only connection was that two movie theaters next to each other were playing them. It was a hell of a night.


Black Swan // Perfect Blue just because I want Aronofsky fans to eat it real hard


@AppleCider I’m an Aronofsky fan but this is still a big mood. Satoshi Kon > Darren Aronofsky any day of the week.


Thank you for taking my shitpost in really good spirits, I thought I was about to get yelled at for a second!


F For Fake // Paid In Full

Because, what a weird combo that is


The Thing (1982) // Annihilation

Pom Poko // Battle of Algiers

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly // Tampopo

The Searchers // Meek’s Cutoff


There was a couple years I was watching Nashville and Dogville back to back every 4th of July. Two of my favorite films about America, to be sure, but it’s also nearly 6 hours of movie (with the last 3 hours being pretty brutal) so I’m not sure I’d recommend it too strongly.

I think the only proper way to watch Gus Van Sant’s Psycho remake is as the back half of a double bill with the original.

The best double feature I ever saw at a theater was John Waters introducing The Wizard of Oz (which, to the chagrin of the parents of young children who didn’t read all the details about the screening, was re-contextualized as a gay acid trip) followed by Female Trouble. It made seeing The Wizard of Oz in an old movie palace a completely camp experience instead of a fairly camp experience.


Black Dynamite // Machete


The Florida Project // Mustang

The Cakemaker // Manchester by the Sea

Raw // Everybody Wants Some

VVVVVV // Journey


a couple years ago i did a double feature of furious 7 and magic mike xxl and it was glorious, glistening, veiny, and life-affirming.


Would really love a Spy Kids 3D/Machete

Another one would be Rocky Balboa/The Wrestler. Two very different stories about performers post-peak, trying to capture former glory.


I recently did a double feature of Paris is Burning/Tangerine that was pretty amazing!


The Italian Job//Get Carter

The films semi-intentionally contrast each other (and both have lackluster modern Americanized remakes) and for some reason I just really think late 60s Michael Caine was cool.


Drive/Baby Driver


2 Fast 2 Furious//Fast Five

2F2F was underappreciated in it’s time and is underappreciated in the present. don’t @ me.


@quartermoose this is actually a really good idea and I’m literally going to do this because of your post here.