The Personal Story Behind Parvati, the Surprise Star of 'The Outer Worlds'

There’s lots to like in the early hours of The Outer Worlds, the new sci-fi RPG from Obsidian. The colorful alien world. A disdain for capitalism. Dropping endless points into a dialogue stat. But more than anything, what stands out is Parvati Holcomb, a shy but infectiously curious resident of Edgewater who’s retained a sense of optimism under the crushing weight of a company town engineered to break spirits. But it’s not just charm that’s granted Parvati an online fan club. People see themselves in Parvati, a character who identifies as ace—a sexual orientation in which people commonly experience no or little sexual attraction—and bi, an uncommon combination, even for a genre known for a wider range of characters.

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Lovely piece. I am on the ace spectrum myself and to go from feeling completely alone and broken seven years ago to seeing a fully realized and fleshed out ace character in a mainstream video game is both mind boggling and greatly appreciated.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here (and I hate how the term “diversity” has been co-opted by corporations so I won’t use it) but this is why its so important to have different voices in the room when stuff is being created.

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