The PlayStation 5 Will Launch in Time for the 2020 Holidays

Sony announced the release date for its next generation PlayStation console today in a press release.

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Ghost of Tsushima is apparently still a PS4 game?

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it ported to PS5 close to launch. My guess is a few of their biggest releases over the past year or so (God of War, TLoU Pt. II, Spider Man) may get a similar treatment.

Provided there’s full backwards compatibility, I don’t see remasters being as big this time around. I think it’s going to be more akin to the enhanced patches you see on 360 games playing on X1. They even repackaged some games at retail to show them as X1 compatible, but the disc was the same.


The UI stuff sounds nice, but is one of those things where I need to actually see it rather than having it described to me.
Same with the haptic feedback, until it’s in my hands, I won’t really understand what it is capable of.
The most interesting news is that Bluepoint’s game is for the PS5. Seems like a lot of people think it is a Demon’s Souls remake.

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@Navster You know what, that’s a good point, I forgot backwards compatibility has essentially been confirmed.

Huh, didn’t consider that, but it does make a lot of sense. I’m pretty sure that was the only Souls game to never actually make the jump to PS4. And I’d be willing to bet it was probably the least played of the Souls games (considering the series really blew up with Dark Souls).

(However I’m secretly hoping it’s a follow up to Playstation All Stars Battle Royale :grimacing:)


I feel like the backwards compatibility has always been Xbox’s strong suit over Playstation, they have a rich library of classics from ps1 and 2 and only in very specific circumstances could you take advantage of that on current / previous gen consoles.
At least Ps4 games will be compatible, be kind of wild if they weren’t considering their move to a standard architecture this gen.

Anyway, the hardware stuff sounds good, more detailed and deliberate rumble feedback and programmable trigger resistance is a good step for the controllers. The console getting a built in SSD from the jump and a powerful enough APU to handle processing ray-tracing is also welcome, not necessarily because I am craving ray-tracing, but base versions of current consoles released at such an underpowered state that it’d be nice to run its exclusives well.

I am also hoping the Bluepoint game is a Demon’s remaster, From seem to just leave their games in the dust after the dlc comes out, not porting Demon’s from Ps3 and not bothering giving Bloodborne a performance boost with the Pro, if a third party studio can do the deed that’d be fantastic. If any game in the series needs a new coat of paint, it’s Demon’s Souls.

Also I can’t remember, but did they have a whole thing about the next Playstation not being a numbered entry again? Seems just as silly every time.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time they’ve (“they” being someone from Sony) actually called it the PS5. Everytime up till now they’ve referenced it kinda vaguely as something like the “next generation” hardware. Does seem very silly though

My Vita (and PSTV) was almost exclusively used as a PSone Classics machine and during its prime… if you can call it that, PSone games were the entire top seller list on Vita’s store. If they learned anything from the Vita hopefully it’s that the old catalog can be resold in perpetuity.

With the popularity and positive press Game Pass and Nintendo Online gets I would hope they are going to launch PS5 with a competitor to Game Pass that includes backward compatible games going back to PSone. If it’s just filled with their games over the past generations you have access to download or stream that would be huge.

I want to play Death Stranding and it’s balancing mechanics with that force feedback tech in the new controller.

That could be an enormous blow to Microsoft. Game Pass is what got me on the Xbox train. A similarly priced Playstation option is literally the only thing that could get me to switch.

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I am hoping for that too, I still have my Ps3 plugged in for whenever I feel like playing any pre V Metal Gear, and SotN before they re-released that on Ps4.
PS Classics were a decent option (not available on Ps4 :I) but if they can tie access to their PSX library and selected games from previous and current gen to Ps+ that would be a fantastic addition.

Not sure how viable it would be or if there’s enough PS3 games that didn’t get a remaster on PS4 but the PS3 emulation going on now is pretty good. I’m sure the PS5 will be powerful enough to brute force that.

Remember PlayStation Now? The expensive games streaming service Sony launched years and years ago?

If you haven’t been keeping up on it (like me!), PSNow also lets you download PS4 games and includes a bunch of PS3 games and a smattering of PS2 games.

Haven’t tried it myself, and with my internet connection, I don’t really plan on doing any streaming. But honestly, looking at its gigantic library with new games being added every month and the price cut from 20 to 10 bucks a month (with the option to pay $60 for a year!), I can see myself getting this eventually.

It’s useful as an alternative to breaking out a PS3 and having to touch that horrible grime controller, but it trails lightyears behind what the Xbox team have done, especially considering that a number of older games from the past two generations have gotten comprehensive visual enhancement patches.

I don’t expect them to go this far, especially not for the nightmare of PS3 hardware emulation. I’m predicting that their backwards compatibility solution will just be expanding the streaming library to PS2 and PS1, with no visual enhancements to speak of.

Looking forward to purchasing Skyrim on PS5 and Xbox One One.


It’d be nice if I could throw in my PS4 Control disc into the PS5 and immediately get the boosted horsepower and Ray Tracing power. That’s really all I want out of this console. I’d never ask for an upgrade if it wasn’t so obvious the PS4 cannot hold up any longer.

The more I hear about these new consoles, the more I feel like they’re going to cost a fortune (not that I expected them to be cheap, but…). Not looking forward to hearing how much this is gonna cost.

That said, very curious to see how these new controller functions will work, let alone how anyone will use them.

I mean, it’s not unlikely that they will sell at a loss to get you into the eco-system. Sony and many others in many industries have done so before.

I think if there’s anything to be learned from this console generation (and even the last one) is that getting undercut on price by a competitor is a surefire way to leave you lagging for the rest of the cycle. The online nature of modern consoles make it so that the market leader has the built-in advantage of having the largest network of players and a higher likelihood of a given person’s social circle buying into that ecosystem. So it behooves the console makers to get out front with an attractive launch price to seed that large network. Basically, I would be very surprised if either Sony or Microsoft launched at anything above $400 USD.


I was in the beta/etc. for PSNow and my internet sucks way too bad for it to be playable for me, but yeah if I had really good internet that’s 100% worth it even just for the selection of PS2/PS3 games they have on there, let alone more current stuff.