The Power Requirements for the First ‘Destiny 2’ Raid Are No Joke


Time to start grinding.

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I don’t totally understand the why of the requirements for these games, but hopefully this won’t be too much of a barrier in practice to people. I would love to see some of my favourite folks stream this, perhaps at a handsome seafoam-teal-branded website’s Twitch channel? Maybe?

(I know it’s a long shot, but what if…)


Almost everyone I know is at 300 already so I feel like power levels are a little obsolete even though I’m that guy that’s at recommended Power Level. It because I choose to really.


Honestly, this was a little lower than I expected. Granted, I put in nearly 30 hours last week to get to 265 so I’m one of “those” people.

I think there’s going to a number of tiers of raids for different people. Compared to the Y1 Vault of Glass requirements, this is MUCH more approachable.


I said the same thing last night with my buddy. I remember i had to grind my butt off just so i can be ready and getting a decent weapon and now its almost a week in and I feel pretty confident to complete a raid and not be carried LOL. Let’s just hope the raid will give us a good challenge.


I’m really curious what they’re going to do with the raid now that “Stand still and DPS boss with snipers” isn’t really feasible with the new weapon systems.

I’m assuming there’s going to be more mechanics based encounters, but I’m hoping it’s not full Oryx encounter. That was a really fun raid , but the margins for error were basically zero during that section.


We now know lol and its not bad in my opinion. The phases are pretty straight forward, its only THE BUGS THEY NEED TO FIX. But overall, its cool.


Yeah I enjoyed the two (plus castellum) encounters we got to.