The project z0ne: Let's make some stuff!

Hey folks,

I’ve been thinking about my own track record with personal projects, and self-motivation is something I’ve always struggled with, especially with more ambitious undertakings. My most successful/productive work has usually been when I’ve had other people supporting me and holding me accountable; I think personal successes and progress are much more rewarding when you have people to show it to, so in that spirit, I’d like to formally declare the project z0ne a thing.

The gist/purpose of the project z0ne is to serve as a safe and supportive network for folks on this forum to work on making their project ideas a reality, checking in on a daily basis to keep tabs on what they’ve worked on for the day/week, how long they worked on it, and what they’d like to work on for the next day/week. This is all a little rough right now (creating and running this thing is actually one of my personal projects), but here’s a quick bullet point list of some things I’d like to do with this group if there’s interest:

  • Project sign-ups: People who’d like to track their project and get support from the rest of the group can make a post in the thread with their project type (game, music, art, writing, etc.), a brief description of what that project is, and the average time per day they’d like to spend working on it
  • Project check-ins: Daily/weekly check-in forms that give project creators a chance to log what they worked on, how long they worked on it, and what they’d like to work on for the next day/week
  • Help/support Slack: An opt-in chat room for project creators to gather and give support, help, and constructive criticism to other project creators (or just chill and chat!)
  • Accountability pairs/groups: Small 2-4 person groups for project creators to check in with each other on a regular basis and (if requested) be there to provide accountability and support for each other
  • Monthly showcases: At the end of every month, project creators can showcase their completed/WIP projects to the Waypoint community at large if they’d like; I’d love for this to be something where creators can look back on everything they’ve learned and accomplished over the last 30/31 days and share any big thoughts or insights they’ve had during the process.

I’m brainstorming some more things to go along with all of this, and I’ve gotta smooth out some of the details, but if this is the kind of thing that’d interest you, please let me know!


Hey all,

I know this is a pretty big necro post, but with all of the new people joining, I wanted to see if there’d be any interest in this kind of thing!