The Protagonist In The orignal Japanese Version Of Final Fantasy V is Called Butz


Please discus this important fact that I found while viewing the Final Fantasy wiki that I am taking at face value


How large was Butz? Did you like Butz?

Please stick to the truth.

I never played the early Final Fantasy games, but I’ve always been curious.


I will take this question as you asking if I think V is worth going back to since it’s late and I can’t tell if it’s just a butt joke and I already wrote everything after this anyways. V is the best playing in the series early days thanks to the Job system which is a lot of fun and helps the gameplay stand out more then it does in other Final Fantasy games and the story is fun in that SNES JRPG way. I actually kinda prefer it to VI as while the story is not as good going back to SNES games for the story is… Not something I would recommend and Five I think is easier to go back to nowadays thanks to it’s better overall systems even if you can argue VI is the better and more important game

Also Butz Butt is only like two pixels so good for the time but dosn’t really hold up


Haha butts

Did you know Sonic’s name was originally Mr. Needlemouse?


NFL Butz 2000 is my favorite Midway game


Please stick to the truth.

the truth, the whole truth and nothing Butz the truth.


I like the original character name and I cannot lie


When Garou: Mark of the Wolves was localized I guess someone thought the name “Macro Rodriguez” would be confusing to western audiences so of course they went with Khushnood Butt instead.





Bartz is going to tank the economy if he doesn’t stop hoarding all the jobs.


Everybody at the Bureau of Labor statistics has to watch a training video about removing all the Bartzes from your dataset before reporting the employment numbers


…Dick Bartkus



I have such empathy for the translators that worked on the PW series. God only knows how they managed to change so much wordplay and have it come out the other end.


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