The PS3 and Vita Are Being Buried Alive

I love my Vita.

Sure, the back touchscreen never worked well, and the shoulder buttons always felt a little too wobbly. But after years of avoiding video games, it was the impulse purchase one chilly, drizzling day that reminded me why I loved video games to begin with. It felt good in my hands, and even if it never fit in anything but my most pouchy of hoodies—I carried it everywhere.

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This is such a genuine bummer. I adore my Vita, it’s practically the perfect form factor for handheld gaming and it’s still a delight to turn it on and play something from time to time. Heck, I used mine this year to play through the latest Shovel Knight expansion.

It sucks so much that Sony seems outright hostile to their own legacy. I still have my PS3 hooked up and will fire up some Burnout Paradise or MGS4 when the mood strikes. It would be so nice to have those games supported on future Playstations when my console finally gives up the ghost, but we just can’t have nice things anymore.


Vita is the only portable console I can play Spelunky (locally with another Vita friend - yes I do have one), Luftrausers and misremembered PSone cybercop classic G-Police. I really worry about my access to the PSone games. I know there are “other” ways to get access to the entire back catalogue but it seems weird for Sony to turn their back on them.

Just got to make sure my PS3 is loaded up with all the PSone games I can get…

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I too love my vita, it’s probably my favorite handheld of all time. It had some legitimately unique ideas that even if they weren’t perfectly executed, I still enjoyed quite a bit (on that note, with the proliferation of touchscreen devices throughout the world, I’m surprised no one has copied that infinitely useful feature that let’s you autoscroll/scroll at different speeds???)

It really sucks how much Sony has been draining the life out of it (no pun intended) over the past few years, and I’m afraid one day I’ll wake up and just not be able to redownload any of my purchased games onto it.

I don’t even understand what Sony gets out of removing vita and ps3 games from the web store? I get with the *new and improved * stores, there’d be some technical effort involved to allow them to be purchased there, but once they’re up, what’s the downside?

The point Dia is making about the Demon’s Souls remake has nothing to do with whether it will be good or not, just that it isn’t the original game, which Sony is happy to discard in favor of the new.

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I appreciate what Bluepoint does, but isn’t that an accurate description of what’s going on here? Considering the state of PS3 emulation on PC right now and comparing to Microsoft’s approach to Xbox backwards compatibility, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that Sony could have software emulated Demon Souls, with upgraded graphics, and let people play the game they already own at no charge (or at least less than $70 USD). This just feels like a money grab or at least customer unfriendly allocation of resources.

I’m not disagreeing with the criticism of Sony’s approach to BC here. It’s totally on point. I’m saying that reducing what BP does to “slap a shiny-ass filter on it” completely misrepresents what they do as a studio and what the Demon’s Souls remake it. It’s an inappropriate put-down to a hard working studio that consistently does the best remake work in the industry. It doesn’t help her argument, it’s just a weird, out of nowhere insult to a developer.

That line doesn’t show up in my copy of the article, and I don’t think it was there when I read the article shortly after it was posted… Ctrl-F “bluepoint” and “filter” have no results. I’m not sure what’s happening there, but I agree that line is bad.

[Edit: Ah, just a mixup. Don’t worry about it!]

It’s hilarious that this means players of backup copies will still have a better time digging into the legacy of Sony’s shit than the buyers of their new stuff. Both wrt the rapidly developing RPCS3 (which can already do a hacky universal Boost Mode) and real moddable PS3 units.

You can just raw stream PS3 backups through a router to a modded PS3 because the thing’s just built to handle it better than most consoles. It’s even better than PS2 ethernet stuff because everything can be set up so it just works without hangs or read speed issues.

And there are a lot of fuckin weird games stuck on that platform and that gen to this day.

And while the Vita became a weird bad porn platform to make money after a while, it still has some cool shit that still isn’t even remotely emulatable, so the thorough neglect and now shunning of it is real baffling in its own right.

Dia’s writing comes off as harsh on this topic for a lot of people, but she does that because of how all these remasters keep being treated by the corporations releasing them and by extension a lot of social: as One Art To Rule Them All.

Subjectively i can appreciate remakes and originals both on my own, and i know it’ll be that way for DeS, but when treated as no more than another trinket for the tech progress grinder, it means people coming to this stuff fresh won’t realistically get to understand or appreciate the whole legacy of the media they’re consuming.

Editorializations are treated as the final word by companies like Sony and by extension the Bluepoint projects they fund, which takes “reimagining” from enriching interpretation to needlessly authoritative erasure in practice.

Especially when i can play 60fps classic DeS, active private server and all, with a fucking emulator on this midrange computer right this second come on.

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The common argument that Sony shouldn’t be pressured to include this feature because it’s not profitable to them, sends me for a loop every time. Why do you care about the company’s bottom line? Demand better services, stop being a spokesman for a business that only cares about you as far as what you’ll put your money down for.

Microsoft’s efforts for backwards compatibility were absolutely not out of altruism, but they’re commendable all the same. Massive compared to how little Sony has been doing.


I think I got two separate things mixed up here as I was reading this article and discussions about it on a few different sites… that’s embarrassing. Oops.

Anyways, the weirdest thing is here is that we know Sony could implement PS1 and PS2 BC pretty much effortlessly. They had a fantastic PS1 emu running on the fucking PSP!

I never used my Vita quite as much as I thought I would, but it has been really sad to see the platform slowly die from lack of support from Sony (at least in the US).

For me, it became almost entirely a Persona 4 machine, but what really kept me from using it more was Sony’s terrible implementation of the Playstation Store “download list.” I have years and years worth of games that were included in the PS+ monthly downloads, and on the Vita there’s no way to sort through it all to find anything I’ve purchased. For a platform with limited storage and expensive proprietary memory cards, it’s baffling why there was never a way to easily sort through your purchases to find Vita games.

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Reviving this thread as Polygon just put out a story (citing another story) with sources saying PS3 & PSP stores will close July 2nd and the Vita store will shut August 27th. Don’t know how much I trust an anonymous report from TheGamer dot com, but this is potentially a pretty big bummer.

I personally acquired a PS3 for free this year and have been delighted at the selection of backwards-compatable JRPGs and Metal Gear games available. It’s a tremendous shame that support for stuff like Xenogears and Suikoden didn’t continue on PS4 and doesn’t appear to be continuing on PS5. Might go on a JRPG spending spree while I can.

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I saw Nibel post about it on Twitter, so I’m decently confident that it’s legit

Obviously this blows. Through the PS3 store, I own every MGS game with the exception of 4, all three Mass Effect’s as well as everything that comes with them, and who knows what else. That’s hundreds of dollars of my own cash down the fucking toilet, and for what?

Seriously, for what? I know Sony has an interest in tightly controlling their catalog, but could someone a little more savvy in online security tell me what it would actually cost Sony to keep these places alive and well? Would it be a considerable expense, or is it just laziness?

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My understanding is that they’ll continue to honor existing purchases via the download list, but you can’t make new purchases. So it’s not like it’s money wasted yet, although I can totally see that happening eventually.

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Ever since last year when they announced they were going to wind down the website I have felt this coming. I noticed they stopped putting PS3 games on sale a month or so ago, which just added to that dread. I have been buying a game or two every few weeks and downloading them (which takes forever btw. If you want to keep these games I would start downloading your library now so you’re not downloading round the clock at the end of June!)

There are so many games that people will have no accessible legal way to play after this, and that’s such a bummer. There are 300 or so games from the PS1 and PS2 libraries that were released NA PSN for PS3, and many of those don’t have re releases on modern platforms. Some of these games are stone cold classics like Chulip or Silent Hill 1! There are thousands of PS3 games up there that I’ll never have time to sift through looking for weird little gems.

So yeah, this really sucks if it’s real. Hopefully they do some sort of fire sale so people can pick stuff up before it closes.


If I was a cynic, which I am, I’d put money on them not cutting prices whatsoever. There’s going to be a rush to buy old titles not currently featured on the new store before support is deprecated anyway, they’ll probably make more money off people’s FOMO. This is the problem with digital storefronts. You can’t even get some actual value like when a retail store inevitably closes.


It’s just one hit after another. This sucks so much, especially considering like others have pointed out that, at the moment, these stores are the only legal way to play a lot of these games. Guess I need to start putting together a wish list…

I mean I guess this is better than nothing, but it doesn’t help that (last I checked) there’s still no useful way to sort or filter your download list, so you’re kinda stuck just scrolling through a purchase-date-descending-order list till you find what you’re looking for.


PlayStation is about 90% of all of my nostalgia. This shit blows.

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