The Real Elden Ring Is The Friends We Made Along The Way

Dark Souls as a series felt inhospitable before I started playing it. The narrative of these dark fantasy games is about loneliness and isolation, and they’re also notoriously hard. Why people would even want to play these games didn’t make sense to me until I started exploring them alongside my friends. Elden Ring almost makes that a requirement.

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The first time I played Dark Souls, I got stuck in the Undead Parish and couldn’t figure out where to go and gave up after a couple of hours. The second time I decided to look at the wiki, found the one kinda hidden path behind which lurks the entire rest of the game, and since then I’ve basically played every Souls game with Fextralife open in another tab. I look when I get stuck or when I want to plan out a build and it’s just a much more fun way to play than stumbling around and hoping I don’t miss some awesome area or secret because I didn’t hit the right secret wall.