The Real Final Boss of 'Battlegrounds' Is the Sniper Rifle


The Karabiner 98 Kurz feels like nothing else in the game.

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Cameron’s increasingly intense admiration for this game has me worried that PLAYERUNKNOWN himself is going to show up in my kitchen one afternoon with a small cadre of stonefaced Bluehole devs, informing me that there is a lawless man somewhere in The School who has defected from the accepted game ruleset within PUBG, having lived within the map not for one round, but for weeks.

He is operating without any decent restraint; truly beyond the pale of any acceptable player conduct. Admins can’t kick him, and players who are sniped by him find themselves inexplicably drawn to him, dropping their loot crates where they stand and walking, rifle in hand, towards the scholastic compound of this wise, thoughtful, philosophical man known as Kurz - er, Kurtz - I mean, Kunzelman.

My mission, as PU will tell me, is to proceed up the river from Georgopol, pick up Kunz’s path at Rozhok, follow it, learn what I can along the way. When I find Kunzelman, infiltrate his team by whatever means available, and terminate Kunzelman’s command.

I fear I will not have what it takes. Worse still, I fear I will join him.