The *real* Halo Waypoint - Halo Thread


If you want more sci-fi bullshit you could do a lot worse than having a run through the Marathon Trilogy (which is Bungie’s precursor to Halo) and goes some places! All available free now.

Gameplay is a bit closer to Doom also in terms of movement/TTK


The thing I really hated about Halo 4 and 5 was the new promethean enemies. I just remember Halo 4 you were killing these knights and then all their robot dogs and drones. Halo 5 had those awful boss fights with those giant dudes you had to shoot in the back. When I think back to Halo CE-Reach, the combat was never boring, it just had this mega freewheeling vibe to it. Destiny still has this dynamic in it’s firefights, but Halo 4 and 5 just felt lacking. Part of the problem was that Halo 4 had to bring back the covenant as a ‘splinter faction’ despite that whole war being sorted out in Halo 3. They just haven’t been able to provide an enemy that are as well designed and fun to fight as the Covenant.


Ultimately it may come down to how the DMR interacted in multiplayer, it meant that you could easily cross map people with little effort even if you weren’t skilled. Reach is seen as the start of the decline of the competitive scene by some.


Hmmm… If the time to kill was the biggest issue, that’s gonna be something of a recurring problem no matter which Halo you play–one of the things that kinda defines the Halo ‘feel’, as compared with other shooters, is the survivability of both your own character and the enemies you’ll face. For what it’s worth, precision is important with guns like the pistol - headshots bring enemies down quite a bit quicker than bodyshots - and that factor will be further emphasised in later games; Halo 2’s staple gun is the Battle Rifle, which is all about precision at mid/short range.

The fundamental rhythm of Halo’s combat kinda comes down to quickly dispatching the fodder enemies - grunts and jackals, mainly - so they can’t wear you down, then using all the weapons available to you - grenades are particularly crucial - to wear down elites’ shields while maintaining your own. It can be a lot of fun once you get into the swing of things–but plenty of people never warm to it, precisely because it can feel a fair bit slower than other shooters, and that’s just not what a lot of folks want out of the genre, which is fine!

If you’re looking for the good sci-fi bullshit, all the games have it to varying degrees, but the original trilogy is definitely where they do the best job of that classic space opera Bungie Big Ominous Proper Noun world-building–though, really, I think it’s more the tone/aesthetics than anything else that really sells that stuff in those games. ODST operates on a smaller scale, but it might actually have some of my favourite sci-fi bullshit in the whole franchise, particularly in how it handles the idea of AI given body through the municipal infrastructure of a city.

As for Reach, it’s definitely more on the ‘grounded’ military-SF side of things, as @Lilly said, but it does still very much have that wonderful Bungie SF aesthetic - albeit filtered through a grittier, handheld camera war movie-esque lens - that I love so much. Writing that initial post actually inspired me to dig out my copy and give it a fresh playthrough, and I’ve been taking screenshots as I go (sorry for the massive screenshot spam!):


Thanks again. Those are gorgeous screenshots! If that’s the signature Halo feel it may not be the series for me, but I’ll keep it in my pocket for the occasional day when I’m just in the mood to fill up some bad guys with bullets. It sure happens sometimes! Maybe I’ll watch some playthroughs or cutscenes to still get the the sci-fi bullshit part of it.