The Real LGBTQ History of AC Odyssey


Here’s a little compilation of sources on the very real, very not-straight and non-cis history that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is based on. Figured the Waypoint community would appreciate something like this more than most others, enjoy.


EDIT: This maybe comes across as excuse making for Ubisoft on any number of things which isn’t my intention at all. I was just musing about the difficulties in reconstructing ancient humanity and why a game like this is never gonna actually deal all that much with history. Like the entity “Greece” doesn’t even exist at this time, and I’m pretty sure I saw someone with a giant novelty spatha somewhere, many hundreds of years before those swords with hilts like that existed in the first place. So take all this with a bitter pill for the right flavor, I guess.

This is a major area of interest for me, cool on you for compiling these links. I could point people to some further reading if anyone’s interested.

There’s always gonna be a tension in these games; how we conceive of the past in pop-history and what the past actually was like basically never line up, and AAA development thrives on catering to expectations. There’s also the very practical problems of trying to reconstruct a whole world even 300 years ago, in that our information is incomplete and it’s enough trouble to say what’s more or less accurate and interpretation of a place or time with what we’ve got.

For instance, almost all the textual record form this time, and from most of the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods, comes from Athens, and only form Athens. Our conception of the Spartans is fundamentally filtered through how Athenians saw them, and we know at least that Athenians were very fond of making all their neighbors very neat foils of themselves.

Long way to say you’re already always taking major creative lisence with any historical fiction, and that actually reconstructing this part of the ancient Mediterranean with what evidence we do have would lead to something that a AAA studio isn’t going to make and that audiences would be deeply confused by, and that sucks.


I’m just glad they got minotaurs the right size.


This is so cool. Thank you!