The Recipe Thread

So my other big hobby outside of games is cookery. I’m kind of obsessed with finding new recipes, or refining old ones. I’d love to hear any of your house specials, or any family recipes that have been handed down etc!

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Last week I made the best chili ever from The Food Lab, and I highly recommend it. Kenji Lopez-Alt is an extremely talented recipe writer, and it’s extremely satisfying how the different elements fit so nicely together and enhance each other. For example, after browning the meat you deglaze the pan when making your chili paste, so the paste soaks up all those amazing browned bits flavors. And then, you sautee your fresh vegetables in the beef fat rendered out from cooking the meat, and it’s sooo luscious.

It’s like a 4-5 hour time commitment so be prepared, but very worth it. And I recommend everything else by The Food Lab as well.

I made crepes for the first time this weekend, using this recipe! I really like her videos, I used her how-to when I made french macarons and they turned out great.

One that’s fairly simple and goes down well in our house is a spicy chickpea and chorizo stew.
I like it because you can do the minimalist one, or if budget allows you can add more to it.
You will need -
1x250g chorizo sausage
1x400g can of chickpeas, drained
4-5 cloves of garlic (YES)
1x400g of tomatoes
Pinch (to taste) of chilli flakes

1xred pepper
1xglass of white wine
1x bunch of parsley
1xteaspoon of honey

Basically put the chorizo, sliced into the pan until it gives out oils, add the onion and garlic (and pepper if using) along with the chillis, and cook down. If using the other extras add after the veg have cooked down. Then add the tin of tomatoes and leave to stew for 20-30 mins.

Can be eaten on own, with couscous or with crusty bread. MMM!


This one is going on the list!

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