The Recommended-Me-An-Anime Thread


I haven’t listened to Counter/Weight so some recommendations may be off but here are some good anime what I liked:
Baccano! tells three different but connected stories, all of which are essentially about different groups with competing objectives; Manhattan mafia groups in 1930 upturned by a mysterious new player, a train journey in 1931 that goes incredibly wrong, and a girl searching for her missing brother in 1932. Jumps around chronologically (so it’ll go from a scene in 1930 to one in 1932) but manages that better than any other series I’ve seen.
Sound! Euphonium is a very intense and very well-written drama about a high school concert band. It’s really good and really captures the feeling of incredibly small stakes being incredibly important that is such a big part of high school life.
Sweetness and Lightning is about a teacher, his student, and his daughter all learning to cook together. It’s really cute and fun and good.
The latest continuation of Lupin the 3rd was also really good BUT being a continuation of a franchise that’s old as heck it’s got some backstory, so you’ll probably want to look up the characters on wikipedia first. Fortunately it’s mostly heist-of-the-week stuff so you don’t need much more than a broad overview of characters.
I’ll also second Monster and complain once again that Pluto by the same author never got an anime adaptation because man that comic is insanely good.


Seconding Haikyuu as a great sports anime to try—I’m about halfway through the second season and I’m still consistently impressed with both its ability to find new complexities of the game to dramatize and how sympathetic it makes the players on both sides of the net.


I got off the anime train back in '08 or so, I think. Of course, I never truly got off the anime train, as I still visit Japan once a year, still have Cardcaptor Sakura figures on my desk, and still mostly play Japanese games.

But the whole reason I got into subbed anime back in '03 was because there wasn’t anything interesting coming out of the States. It was all I watched aside from shows like Lost, Heroes, and Prison Break. South Park has generally been a constant as well.

But these days, there’s so much good shit on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and AMC – it’s hard to keep up. American cartoons have gotten a major boost in quality as well. Every time I check to see what new Japanese shows are out there, I wonder “eh, is this really worth my time?”

Back in the day I’d just watch everything – and I do mean everything. But a good portion of that stuff is long forgotten and not worth recommending to others.

That said, with Code Geass possibly being my favorite anime of all time, I’m very excited for the third season that’s coming out… whenever.

I also still need to start Dragon Ball Super at some point, but I wanted to finish all of Dragon Ball Kai first.

I also hear Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a new season early next year? Nuts! Everything old is new again, even in Japan.

Anyway, most of the stuff mentioned in this thread are old classics that I’m already familiar with, but if anyone has any recommendations of recent shows, I’ll happily take those.

Also, since I’m noticing a much higher percentage of sports anime than I would’ve expected in a thread like this, I’ll just throw in my own personal favorite – One Outs.

Sure, on paper it’s about baseball, but it’s actually more of a psychological battle of wits not unlike a Death Note or Code Geass. You don’t need to care about sports or baseball to enjoy it. Sadly this show never got the attention it deserved and was mostly forgotten.


Since you specifically mentioned COUNTER/Weight, I’m gonna mention the best Gundam show of all time which is obviously and inarguably Turn A Gundam. It’s directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the founder of the Gundam franchise, and has the choppy pacing and awkward dialogue you’d expect from him. But it also has some amazing scenes that give me goosebumps, and a story that chooses to tackle the difficulties of keeping a truce rather than continuously escalating war. Plus fantastic music courtesy of Yoko Kanno, and The Best Female Characters and Romance in Gundam (probably).

I’d second the recommendation for Kaiba, one of my personal favorites, and also recommend Casshern Sins which is one of the most visually stunning shows of all time and is about sad robots (bonus for Nier Automata fans!) The story is uneven, but whatever


Shin sekai yori (from the new world or something like that). It’s based on a classic of Japanese spec lit and it’s surprisingly good.

Can’t remember it but the one by the trigun guy was pretty good if you’re looking for anime focused on charaCher’s stories and interesting world building.


not anime but shaolin soccer is anime as fuck and great.


As has been mentioned, Ping Pong: The Animation is a really good “new” and “returning to anime” anime, it has a great main thread, the characters are really well realised and all have something to give, plus the style is something a bit different to a lot of stuff.

You may specifically like Gatchaman Crowds Season 1 though (don’t bother with Season 2 unless you basically want More Of The Same but not as strong). It’s its own stand-alone thing so you don’t need to worry about any other Gatchaman things.


I’m not really into anime, but someone I was following on Twitter was going on about 7 Deadly Sins so my wife and I gave it a try, and we had fun with it.

Be warned the male protagonist repeatedly casually gropes the female protagonist’s breasts, which is pretty skeevy, especially because he looks like a child, but overall the relationships and world-building are interesting.There’s also one regular size season and a shorter series of 4 side stories so there isn’t a ton to get through.


Akira’s a must watch of course, and honestly I never read the manga til a few years ago and never had trouble following the movie. It’s compressed and incomplete (because the manga wasn’t even complete when it was being made) but it holds up.

Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind is one of my favorite movies ever, and since you’re in a gaming forum, if you like any JRPG at all it’s must see since it’s basically the wellspring from which Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy flow.

Cyber City OEDO 808 is the coolest anime ever. It’s not the best, there’s tons of better anime out there, but it’s definitely the coolest. It was also very shortlived, all that ever got made was three 45 minute OVAs. Each one focuses on one of three criminals coerced into partnering up to fight crime for the state in exchange for reducing their sentences.

The entire series is on YouTube because no one cares about it anymore.

If you do watch it, it’s a rare instances where the English version is better than the Japanese one. The soundtrack is redone to be a little less lighthearted which suits the kind of dark cyberpunke thing they were going for compared to the elevator music light jazz in the Japanese version. And the English VA is awesome with everyone hamming it up.

Also again since this is a forum focused on video games, they actually did make a fourth episode…in the form of a PC Engine CD game! :smiley:


Shaolin Soccer Kung fu hustle and Kung Pao enter the fist where movies I remember renting a bunch back when Block buster where Still a thing


Definitely seconding (thirding?) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood! I just recently rewatched the series and it holds up super well.


ShiroBako - While not much world building (it takes place in the real world after all) I would recommend it to ANYONE looking to get back into watching anime because it’s about anime making itself. Definitely a very unique and interesting show about what it’s like to work in the anime industry. The trials and tribulations the deadlines and setbacks are portrayed very honestly and through the lens of PA Works, the studio that created the show. It’s very fun, very meta, and will ultimately teach you a lot about anime and respect what creators go through to create it. It also looks gorgeous has great writing. Something everyone should watch and a good place to start.

I will also recommend Hunter X Hunter (2011) if you’re okay with ~148 episodes (the first arc is a little typical of shonen but it has some great twists along the way later that will surprise even an experienced anime watcher. Even if you remember watching the original 1999 version, Madhouse’s improved animation and better pacing helps the show out a ton. Written by the same mangaka as Yu Yu Hakushou so there’s some prestige to his name.

One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are also too really fun shows that came out recently by my new favorite action writer ONE who also doesn’t slouch on great character building. They’re short so it may be easier to get to these first.

Other fringe recommendations PychoPass (Violent Cyberpunk Crime Drama) and Code Geass (Political Mecha Action/Drama)


Thanks for reminding me about Pluto, because HOLY SHIT that manga is good. I need to read it again.


I love giant robots and have watched most of the Gundams, Evangelion, and then some side anime like Cowboy Bebop and Akira.

Anyone have good recommendations? Outside of newer Gundams, I am years behind on anime.


Gonna echo myself from earlier and say Gurren Lagann? I also like the first two Patlabor movies a lot. I’ve heard good things about Star Driver but haven’t watched it myself to give a recommendation.


Man, Big O has such a special place in my heart.


I really like Macross Plus; it’s like Top Gun, but with Giant Robots, and they also turn into fighter jets, because reasons. Also, the facts that it’s made by the same guy behind Cowboy Bebop and also a Yoko Kanno are major plusses.


Really surprised I haven’t seen any recommendations for Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Absolutely seminal series that’s pretty short, 24 episodes I think. Absolutely brutal and brilliant. Not as political as COUNTER/weight, but it has the same tendency to use big names and ideas to describe things. Lots of quasi-biblical (and often just biblical) references out of context to make things feel extra dramatic and out there.

Plus organic mecha that are hooked to the city’s power grid with “umbilical cables” and cut through “Angels” “Anti-Terror fields” with high-frequency vibrating knives.

Plus the “angels” that they fight are really obtuse and bizarre. One might be humanoid. One might be a massive floating pyramid. One might be simply an idea.


I love Eva but I wouldn’t recommend it as an entry into anime, personally


Would you recommend End of Evangelion? I’m not too sure. I actually liked the last two episodes of Eva, which for the most part was introspective navel-gazing, but I also really liked the music and fight scenes of End of Evangelion, but it also has some REALLY reprehensible shit in it as well.