The Recommended-Me-An-Anime Thread


I think End of Eva is really unnecessary

If I want spectacle, I think I prefer the Rebuild movies (fingers crossed that the last one is released in our lifetimes)


I’ve actually never seen them - I’ve just seen the canon ending through the series, which I quite liked and actually thought was pretty thematically on point.

As I’ve never seen it, can you somewhat tastefully describe what reprehensible shit happens?


Hmm, That’s going to be a tall order, but I’ll try. Let’s just say that it’s something that (CW) Shinji does in front of Auska’s comatose body


Daaaaang doggie. Yeah… that’s pretty rough. I had blocked that from my memory apparently, because yes, I remember reading about that.

Also I really appreciate your use of the (CW) tag, that’s why I love these forums (even if it’s not a trigger for me) cause we all have each other’s best interest in mind!


End of Eva is some shit, my dude. If you really liked the series maybe watch it? But I’ll echo other people and say I don’t think it’s necessary. The end of the series may be kind of a mess, but I actually think it fit quite well thematically.


Have you seen G Gundam, and if so, what did you think of it? Your answer will affect my recommendations.


Gurren Lagann for some ridiculous pulpy action but if you’re in it for the political intrigue then Code Geass might be a good one too


I started it and didn’t super click for me, but I wouldn’t say I hated it.


Surprised to see no recs for Revolutionary Girl Utena. The plot’s simple: While looking for the prince she met when she was a young girl, Utena ends up getting drawn into a series of duels over Anthy Himemiya, whose bethrothed will gain the power to revolutionize the world. Simple.

The plot won’t budge from that for a long time, because the duels mainly act as a framework for the development and study of Utena’s characters. The show has a solid mix of humor and drama, great music and solid art throughout. Also symbolism.

I’ve heard the dub is bad, but luckily the subbed version is available on it’s entirety for free, legally, on the Internet*!. I also can’t speak on the movie, though from what I’ve heard you should really watch the show before it.

I should definitely also point out some CW, the non-spoiler one being Flashing Images. I think this is a pretty good per-episode breakdown w/spoilers.


Utena is so, so, so, so good. one of those shows that sticks with you for years & years.


Are there any anime that have particularly good dubs?

I prefer subs, but dubs allow me to multitask. The last dub I tried to watch was Yuri!!! on Ice and while I appreciated that the characters had accents, overall it made me cringe. Plus, the translation was way more mild than the subbed version. Felt totally wrong.


“Character based drama and world building”?

Twelve Kingdoms. Except for the part where it ends abruptly and never gets continued.

I also think that watching Mushishi should be required by law.


I just started One Punch Man, and I’ve never been happier I took a chance on a show.

I’m a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z and other “shonen hero anime,” so there are few things I love more than great parody and I have, in three episodes, had MASSIVE belly laughs at least once per episode. It’s so perfectly loving of its source material (the key to ANY good parody), but isn’t afraid to point out how silly, and often stupid, the genre can be.


Cowboy Bebop and Baccano! are the standouts in terms of dubbed anime.


I agree with a lot of the suggestions on here, all good stuff!

For my own suggestion, most anime is about being awkward in high school and then weird shit happens. Tatami Galaxy is about being awkward in COLLEGE and then weird shit happens. No dub, but that’s understandable considering the main character talks so COMEDICALLY FAST I don’t know if you could. Very stylish show, good animation, funny, with a great ending.


big fan of the Cowboy Bebop & Yu Yu Hakusho dubs…I also didn’t mind the Trigun dub but it doesn’t stand out as particularly great either. I’ve heard good things about the new Sailor Moon dub but haven’t really watched it at all myself.

I have soft spots for the Dragon Ball & DBZ dubs but it’s been a loooong time since I watched them and I’m wary of singling them out as great.


Mob Psycho 100 is one i would say watch after One punch man if your itching for some similar themes but a little bit different


One Punch Man is a funny and refreshing parody of super powered heroes in anime. I went into it on a lark but was immediately rewarded with a fun and interesting take on what being an all powerful anime man means.


A couple recs that I haven’t seen a lot of in the thread so far:

Death Note One of the classics. It’s the story of a high-schooler who gains the power to kill people at will and sets about creating the “perfect” society. It drags on too long, with some questionable writing choices and too much filler, but the cat-and-mouse between the main character and the detectives trying to identify the responsible party is electrifying.

Steins;Gate A show that starts off a little goofy, with a protagonist who is (intentionally) over-the-top weird. But the show gets absolutely devastating about halfway through and only continues from there. Although there is some extremely questionable behavior by the two main male leads, one towards a particular non-binary character and the other just towards women in general.

Psycho-Pass Here’s your neo-noir. A future Tokyo where crimes are prevented by reading everyone’s Psycho Pass, which gets convered into a Crime Coefficient. Lots of questions about the nature of morality, the consequences of victimhood, and how far we’re willing to go for “safety.”

Ghost Hunt Follows a group of paranormal investigators. Each case generally spans several episodes. I particularly enjoyed it because it’s not as simple as “it’s always ghosts” or “there’s always a rational explanation.”

Finally, my favorite anime of all time
Another Part ghost story, part detective story, part Final Destination. A school with a single classroom under a mysterious curse. I seriously love this show, and it’s only 12 episodes (11 if you skip episode 8, which is one of the most ludicrous fan service episodes I have ever seen.)


Other people can ask for recs in this thread right? If not, I’ll delete this post, but assuming so. Does anyone know of some English dubbed animes primarily about like. women, that arent really uncomfortably sexual, or obviously made for a straight male audience?

I watched Love Live and that was close enough for me even if there were… Some moments. But I haven’t really found anything since.