The Recommended-Me-An-Anime Thread


The first three that come to my mind are Princess Jellyfish, Paradise Kiss and NANA. I haven’t seen the latter, but it’s a well-known show about two women and their life together.

Princess Jellyfish is about a shy girl that meets an outgoing, flamboyant crossdressing male. It’s a very lighthearted comedy.

Paradise Kiss is about a studious girl that models for a group of fashion designers. I don’t remember much about this one, but I cannot recall anything gross or problematic about it, I remember it being very female-friendly.

I read the manga Claymore. I believe there’s a dubbed anime of it, but I haven’t seen it. If it’s faithful to the comic, that would also be a good pick since it’s about female warriors. Otherwise, the magical girl genre, popularized by shows like Sailor Moon, seems like a good place to dig around.


Of course! Folks using this thread for there own purposes would actually make me very happy

I can actually help field this one kinda. Wakako-zake is a series of few minute shorts I found recently about a woman who likes food. Each episode is basically her going to a restaurant alone, describing the dish she is about to eat, eating it and enjoying it. Just a very charming show and perfect for its length.

Edit: derp I missed that you were looking for a dubbed show this is subtitles only


Just be aware that it doesn’t end and probably never will - you’ll need to switch over to the manga if you want to continue the story.

…that aside, it’s my all-time favorite, so, seconded.


I can’t speak for the quality of the dub, but the Little Witch Academia movies are available on Netflix and seem to fit your criteria. It’s basically Harry Potter but at an all-girls academy and a lot more fanciful. It’s a lot of fun and I don’t recall any gross moments.


word. half of me wants to read the manga because I loved the show so, so, so much and I am absolutely down for more adventures involving those characters & that world, but also…the way the show finishes is actually pretty perfect? like if there was no manga, or if the manga had ended there, it would’ve been a fantastic closing imo.

don’t get me wrong tho, I have more hope than is healthy that in 2025 we’ll get the next 150 episodes of HxH…


I would highly recommend K-On! Like Love Live it’s a cute girls doing cute things show (aka “moe”) that centers around a group of 4 girls starting a light-music club after school but mostly it’s just about experiencing youth and having fun. It’s funny, charming, well animated and doesn’t having any crazy plot or story moments. I’m not aware of the dub but it’s sub is very good.

Also Sansha Sanyou (similar school life setting) is also fairly good and I know it dub is decent.

Girlish Number is also good (don’t know about dub) about the voice actress industry and the women leads involved in an anime that has some trouble and how they deal with their careers.


The manga also does not end and never will.

For series starring girls: you should watch PreCure. Everyone should watch PreCure.The original series, Pretty Cure/Futari wa Pretty Cure, was dubbed but I have no idea what the quality of the dub is. You should watch it anyway, because it’s good as hell. It’s a magical girl franchise (as in shows actually created for young girls to enjoy) started by the dude who directed the DB/DBZ animes and is full of shit like this:

Smile Precure (a later series in the franchise) is also on Netflix as Glitter Force but that series is not as good as Futari Wa.


It works because the rest of the world isn’t in the joke that he is in on.
His overdramatic reciting of how he got his powers in episode 3 is one one of the funniest things I’ve seen in an anime.


I’ve always wanted to watch the Precure shows but so few of them get dubbed. I actually didn’t know about Futari wa Pretty Cure being dubbed I will definitely check that out. I tried Glitter Force and it was… Not great. The blatant attempt at westernization was just. Painful.

In general I love magical girl anime but it seems like so little gets dubbed (and I can’t watch subs. It’s just too much for me)

Also I have watched K-On and enjoyed it. In general I feel like. Man. Moe shit is probably exactly my jam but I fucking so many creepy dudes are into it I can’t.


also both based on manga by the same author! I love OPM but I think Mob really is the better show wrt character motivations and interiority, plus the bad queer jokes are mostly limited to one scene rather than a whole character lol


Yeah and the cyborg’s response was golden also


Zone of the Enders Dolores:i is what I think you’re looking for, OP. It’s based on Kojima’s weirdly cool mech games. Where it fits in the continuity is a little weird since it’s a direct sequel to the OVA prequel to the first game, which means the first episodes take place in between the OVA and the first game and the last ones occur between the first game and the second game.

But all of that is secondary to why it’s an awesome show. It’s about a space-trucker dad who is estranged from his adult children after his wife disappears in a mysterious accident. The long-haul flights of a space freighter give him plenty of time to drink and self-pity, but he’s shaken out of it after a mysterious package he’s tasked to move leads to his being framed as a terrorist.

The package turns out to be Dolores, an AI-driven Orbital Frame with immense destructive capabilities who calls him her uncle.

He manages to reconnect with his children and winds up flying across the solar system as a wanted man while managing to engage in some serious action (including an episode that’s basically Die Hard on Mars).

Surprisingly for something even remotely associated with Kojima, it’s occasionally a bit retrograde in its morality (although generally subversive) but hardly skeezy at all! For some reason all the mechs really do have _cock_pits which leads to some odd imagery, but apart from some outmoded Freudian ideas about child development applying to the AI there’s almost nothing to label actually problematic.

Somebody has been nice enough to put the entire dubbed show on Youtube, although I’m not sure where you’d go for the subbed version.

You can find the OVA here:

It’s more actiony and “mature” but it’s less fun than Dolores, and in my opinion pretty hokey. Still, worth watching to get the whole context.


I remember Princess Nine being a solid show! Ryo Hayakawa has been training herself to be a dynamite pitcher like her ballplayer father, but only uses her skills to sub in on the local amateur team—until she’s recruited by a prestigious high school to anchor their new girl’s baseball team as they try to break into (and win) the boy’s league. The designs are all very 90s, but if you can stomach them, it’s a heartwarming show!
Both the dubs and the subs are on Youtube (and officially so!):


Didn’t see it mentioned here so I’m going to go ahead and recommend Kyousougiga. It’s about an unusual and fantastical family that live in a mirror version of Kyoto, essentially living in a small world inside a painting that the family’s father drew. The character moments are sort of the best part of it, so it might be to liking if a surreal fantasy setting with references to divinity interests you.

I will say the show pulls a bunch of disparate threads together and can be a bit confusing, especially at the beginning. This is not helped by the weird way it was released, starting as a 30 minute net animation, getting some follow-up vignette style short episodes, then getting a full adaptation into a series with the original net animation listed as episode 0. I honestly didn’t care for the net animation when I watched it, but then subsequently liked the main series quite a bit. The whole thing comes together quite nicely.


I actually just finished watching this a few days ago and I absolutely loved it. “heartwarming” is a good, good descriptor. it was such a refreshing experience.


I just finished watching The Eccentric Family and I think it just might become one of my favorite anime series? Heartwarming and funny at the same time, with a good dose of magical realism and fantastic characters all around. The sequel series (Eccentric Family 2, obviously) is currently on air and seems to be living up to the standard set by the first one thus far.


SRecent thread about Evangelion has me thinking about anime, so I thought I’d jump in here. The best dubbing I’ve ever heard in an anime would be:
Cromartie High School
A comedy series with a very deadpan and strange sense of humor, it pretty much follows the “set up, deliver unexpected punch line, character reacts” structure. Some of the best English dubbing can be found here, no one famous as far as I know, just dudes delivering lines.
Very funny series. Some Japanese culture references that’ll go over heads, definitely, but nothin that makes jokes fall flat. Helps if you know who the band Queen is, or at least Freddie Mercury!
I guess I should add that the premise is a straight laced protagonist starts his first day at the most notorious high school in Japan, Cromartie High, rumored to be full of delinquents. It’s a parody of high school anime and in particular delinquent high school animes, which enough exist to actually make up their own sub genre !
Highly recommended to people looking for comedy anime.


So, as a premium Crunchyroll subscriber, I get a guest pass each month. I try to remember to give them out, but I’ve got a little bit of a backlog.

I don’t know if there are any restrictions on redeeming them, like one-per-email-address, or if you have to create an account to use it. Please let people know if you redeem one so they don’t waste their time.


Speaking of, Crunchyroll recently added Scrapped Princess and the first season of Aria, both of which are pretty good. The latter seasons of Aria are better, so hopefully they show up eventually.


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