The Relationship Between Posthuman Fashion And Humanity Cost in Cyberpunk 2020



I’m pretty oblivious about cyberpunk (as both genre and game series), and this was really helpful and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

The bit about cyberpunk fashion as ironic appropriation of capitalist commodities was suuuuper interesting.


I don’t really buy that because we have this concept of Other that is an integral part of (e.g.) queer and race discourse that it necessarily follows that cyberpunk’s comment on the psychological and social effects of technology needs to be transformed or edited or respun to save it from its hidden implications.

It seems like oversimplification to say that all discourses on otherness have to be commenting on the same thing, on the whole grab bag of experience. Surely living through racism or sexism etc is not comparable to the experience of (e.g.) getting weird and anxious because you’re too extremely online.

I think it is fair to give authors of cyberpunk genre fiction the benefit of the doubt and differentiate between “technophobia”, for lack of a better word, and (e.g.) transphobia.