The Royal Canadian Legion created a memorial island in Fortnite for Remembrance Day

“ In an effort to reach this younger audience on their native turf, the Royal Canadian Legion has launched Remembrance Island, a custom Fortnite island featuring recreations of First World War trenches, D-Day beaches, a Canadian military cemetery, the well-known Vimy Ridge memorial cenotaph and more. The island can be accessed in the game’s Creative Mode using the island code 5053-3302-4847.

“It’s our hope that young Canadians will take a few moments to visit this unique environment and learn about the men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedom,” says Freeman D. Chute, senior program officer at the Royal Canadian Legion. “As time goes on, we have to find new ways to reach young people and tell the story of Canadian veterans. This is a fantastic example of how to do just that.”

I wonder if it accurately depicts the legion experience by posting homophobic signs everywhere and having a racist old dude tell you how ungrateful your generation is. At least the beer is cheap.


Because not even video games can be free of POPPY MANIA, BROTHER