The Sakuga Thread - Post your favourite animation here!


Since it’s such a large part of anime itself I thought it would be a good idea to open a topic focusing on the actual animation aspect itself.

Sakuga is essentially a fandom focused on the drawing craft of anime (and other industries!) that aims to draw attention to the hard work of the animators themselves, in particular the keyframe animators. Since artists often don’t get credited for their specific scenes the fandom also focuses on correctly crediting artists for their scenes.

Remember, good animation isn’t limited to fight scenes either! Well-acted scenes can stand out just as much as the flashy ones do.

Post your favourite animators, your favourite scenes, or anything that catches your eye!

Some helpful links:
Sakugabooru - for video examples of quality animation cuts
The Sakuga Blog - for writing about the industry and how it operates or deep dives into certain shows

Some favourites of mine to get started:
Tatsuyuki Tanaka’s work on Download: Devil’s Circuit
Hiroyuki Okiura’s hallucination scene from the incredible Magnetic Rose
Takeshi Honda on Perfect Blue
Yoshimichi Kameda compilation video
Mitsuo Iso compilation video


i adore a ton of the work people put into some of the Precure shows, namely Heartcatch and Go! Princess.
umakoshi’s art style is beautiful and sharp while retaining what i love about the shapes and forms of classic shoujo, and he nails his action scenes too


I recently fell in love with the fight sequences from the second Kizumonogatari film - some of the best fear/desperation facial animations I’ve seen, and certainly one of the best examples of choreographing not only the motions of a fight, but the emotions:

(CW: blood/violence, body horror):


There was a really good 2-part post on the sakuga blog about the Precure series in general (over here) that’s definitely worth reading for anyone interested in that show I think.

Also Hironori Tanaka needs a shoutout because that dude did some amazing work for Precure.


End of Evangelion spoilers:

I’ve scarcely seen a series of frames that’s felt as delicate and tactile as this one. It managed to give wordless closure to the series in a way that no other sequence could have.


saw someone link this incredible storyboard side-by-side comparison today (from Aikatsu’s second OP) and just had to share it:

by far the greatest moment from Johnny Bepp, the world’s greatest dance teacher and all-around great guy


Trips to sakugabooru usually just make me realize that I should’ve watched more Yozakura.


that show had such good animation and imho some of the best audio design i’ve honest to god ever heard in an anime but the show itself was such a letdown. i’ve tried to watch it all the way through like 3 times and each time its too horny to stomach


Animation wise Yozakura is really good, especially the OVA. The director Ryo-Timo is a hero of the webgen era.

Also a good article on web-gen animators focusing on Ryo-Timo.


So the latest Hero Academia dropped today and our glorious overlords at Bones let Yutaka Nakamura loose on the big show-stopper. Needless to say he absolutely crushed it.

The most powerful high five in history?!


between this and mob psycho how come it feels like Bones became the best action studio in the world overnight?


Remember back when studio 4C used to just do whatever the fuck with their extra budget, back when animators apparently had free time to do shit like that? Because holy shit dudes, Genius Party: Beyond is mandatory watching. Especially Dimension Bomb.


Eh, I dunno if I’d call Bones the best, but Nakamura’s been up there for like… 20 years. Every time you see a crazy gif from a Bones show it’s probably him.

Worked on Cowboy Bebop, Utena, and Evangelion pre-Bones.


best studio that makes actually good shows (thus disqualifying gainax :tea:)


They did do Xam’d, though


Kyoani probably holds the crown for TV stuff until they transition completely into film. Only ever done a handful of action-y shows, though.


I could go through sakugabooru all night

I usually prefer good character acting to action.


Animating mecha seems… maddening.