The Sexy Brutale, a fantastic murder mystery game mixed with Groundhog Day


Has anyone played it? If so, what did you think of this indie title? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s an experience and a half.

As for my opinion, I loved it all the way through, just wish it had gone another way with the ending. A more supernatural and less “Inception” way.


I’m surprised it isn’t getting more attention. It’s aesthetically charming as hell, and though I think the end could have landed a little harder (and that the game told you you could be in the same room on a different level as other characters) it was, overall, great!

Chibi reverse Hitman.


I really really wanna get to this.
I love it’s style do much and it harkens to a type of game I remember existing but maybe never did the why I think it did.

Kinda like how I THINK Grim Fandango is and less how it actually is. Will be first on my docket once I decompress after Nier.


I finished it last week or so. I liked it very much!

Walking through the mansion, seeing events influence other parts of the mansion, following every character to learn their thoughts and objectives was the most satisfying thing to me.

Beyond what you said about the ending, I wished you had more agency in it, like actually saving every character in one single day. All you do in the final scene is basically choose an option..

I ended it with 49 cards, iirc, so close :smile:


I ended with more or less the same amount of cards. Thought about getting the missing ones but since the game lacks any way to show what cards you have, decided against it.

Speaking of that, it took me until I read the Secrets to realize what the Room of Old Habits was. It was brilliant.

And adding a bit on the ending… I liked those characters a lot :frowning:, I really wanted to save them for real


Should I finally play this this weekend???


I keep forgetting to pick this game up, I will do so today! Also can we get another Ghost Trick?!


I’ll probably try and play more of this this coming weekend, but I did the intro bits and thought it was pretty cool.


My laptop can’t run it, and I so want to play it. The soundtrack is so good and it has such a dope visual aesthetic, it’s like the Great Gatsby decided to play a game of Clue in rapture. God dammit, I wish I could play it!



Clue in Rapture is a good pitch


YES! It is really good. It gripped me so tightly that I didn’t stop playing until I had finished it. And I rarely finish games I start, this year I’ve only finished The Sexy Brutale and FFXV.


That ending fucked me up bad.

What hurt the most I guess was the way that the Bloody Girl lays it flat that he can’t have forgiveness and can’t ever know that they would ever forgive him. It resonated way too deeply with me.