The 'Shadow of the Colossus' Remake Looks Good, Actually


In a very packed Playstation Paris Games Week Showcase, one of the smaller but more striking trailers offered a look at the forthcoming Shadow of the Colossus remake. It creeps along, all atmosphere and tone, a slow trot through the desert environment of the game's Forbidden Lands. Then, suddenly, it exploded into one of the most striking boss fights of the original. Oddly, the trailer they posted to their YouTube (which is above) is different, focusing even more on mood and feeling. (But hey, I like both quite a bit, and you can find the one they showed at the conference in the full archive of that stream.)

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I completely agree with Austin here. While I never finished the original SoTC nor the remaster on ps3, I have consumed almost everything I could about Shadow of the Colossus. The trailer looks like it really nails that somber feeling as while as the exhilarating climbing. This remake also might signal that they’re looking to do more with either the series or with the atmosphere, which will probably not turn out terribly.

Although I’m one of those people who just wishes all ps2/ps3 games would come out again on playstation 4 so I don’t need to fiddle with HDMI cables to replay them. I’m more than willing to grab some of the best of last generation or the generation before last if it means I get to play them on my current console.


The introduction sequence is absolutely beautiful. I had qualms about the way they would handle it but I feel like they understood what made SotC great. The atmosphere is there, it has that feeling of hopelessness in a beautiful backdrop, a journey in an empty world hiding a forgotten threat.

It just feels there ? I didn’t expect the remake at all, but it brought me the feeling that I could re-experience the game like it’s the first time, and that’s coming from someone who finished it more than 30 times. That I could have the chance for this in my lifetime…I won’t give up the chance, and I trust them to do the game justice.


SotC is an important piece of art for gaming and its availability in generations now and going forward is welcomed in my opinion. If things like facial animations and the more subtle animations development tools allow for today add meaningful embellishments, I can’t wait.


I am totally down to buy and play this game for the third time on a third console I am a part of the problem.


Ugh, I shouldn’t buy this game again, but given my partner hasn’t played it that might just be the excuse I needed to do so.

Watching someone else experience heavy hitters for the first time like Colossus, Limbo, Inside, Brothers… I live for that shit.


I will probably play this game yet again, but for the love of god fix the controls. They’re so awkward. Also, I feel like they should remove the collectible stuff and put something better in place. Following, hunting, stalking, and then taking down the colossi is such a great experience. The weird collectible stuff around all of that is detracting, even though it’s not forced upon you.


This was actually the trailer that pushed me from feeling, vaguely, that something was off about the visuals and art style but not being able to put my finger on what to being certain of it. Been doing a terrible job of explaining this to a friend but the concerns of Diver earlier this year are exactly how I feel about it now. Compare the closing shots of both opening cutscenes and look at the original’s title screen. There’s a sombreness and dreamlike quality there that isn’t present in this remake and the strong silhouettes and contrasts are lost in the excessive amount of detail, I think. It’s also interesting to compare it to The Last Guardian where I think you can clearly see there’s a similar art style going on with that game to that of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, even with the huge differences in hardware and technology, which is lacking here. Even if I didn’t already know, it’s obvious to me that Ueda isn’t involved, you know?


This idolatry tires me tbh, i want more games like it, not… it