The shitpost economy

the burger argument… pineapple on pizza… knife or bat… we’re posting too fast. all the old standbys, hauled out into the light all at once like we could settle the score… if my calculations are correct, the ramifications on the shitpost economy could be immense

we need an infusion of new material or our days are numbered, fellow forum users. Hell… the net as we know it may be over…IF my calculations are correct

we just post too fast…


Nanomachines son


there are three doors. behind two of them are shitposts, and behind one is a new car.

you are asked to pick one of the doors.

austin walker then reveals that one of the other doors has a shitpost behind it.

he asks if you would like to switch to the other unopened door, or stick with the one you picked.

what do you do


vocal parasites.

I stick to the one I picked

Heh… time for some game theory cracks knuckles

I immediately walk off stage and use my mobile banking app of choice to invest all my money in juicero


in order for shitposting to evolve in the new waypoint forum environment we must first know where we came from

“The dine” - codetalker

You are on a train, speeding towards a fork in the track.

On one track there are six dozen individual shitposts and on the other is a fresh new thread about overripe memes.

Which track do you choose?

“Huh.” - Austin

I stare at Austin expectantly

Austin shoots you this look

gary presents; the monty hall post, by gary

there are four lights

Check inventory

you have four flasks that each contain one quarter of one four loko
you have two thumbs and a big smile

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combine one (1) thumb, and smile

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i say that i want the door that was already opened

you bite off your own hand


vomit hand back up