The "Should I buy this game" thread


Didn’t look like we had one these so thought I might as well go ahead and kick one off.

I’ve been thinking about picking up XCOM 2 and the base game itself is on sale for $14, is it worth getting if you don’t plan to buy the expansion pack right away as well? I played a lot of the first one and really liked it and have been eyeing 2 for awhile now.


I played through Vanilla X-Com 2 and liked it, but I’ve been playing War of the Chosen (one run) and War of the Chosen + Alien Rulers + Shen’s Last Gift and the expansions add a lot, especially the War of the Chosen. I’d suggest waiting until you can get the expansions.


Wait, where is Xcom 2 $14?

I should really wait for the ability to get all of it before playing but… $14 you say…


Gamebillet, I had a notification setup on Cheapshark for when it dropped below $15.


Imo 2 is almost exactly like 1 but better in every way that counts. The semi-random maps and the ease with which it takes mods would have been good enough to seal the deal for me, since the repetitive maps were my biggest gripe with the first one.

The vanilla dlcs are very take it or leave it. The design of the alien rulers in particular is just a really annoying way to add difficulty, Shen’s Last Gift adds cool robots that you’ll only use for funsies since their skill trees are so whatever, and Anarchy’s Children adds super goofy cosmetics that I love but it’s just cosmetics in a single player game in the end. WotC is great though, the chosen are what the rulers should have been.


XCOM 2 is one of my favorite games, and is near perfect on its own.

But if you haven’t played XCOM 2, wait for War of the Chosen to go on sale and buy it as a bundle. It adds so much to the base game it isn’t even funny to compare how different the game plays. Note - they are all good additions, and just adds even more depth into a game and is easy to understand.

If you want to play Vanilla XCOM 2 and don’t care about the expansion - do yourself a favor and pick it up and play it now. If you buy War of the Chosen later on down the line, I would suggest starting a brand new campaign.


Anarchy’s Children is fatally flawed in that I cannot make my personal avatar wear booty shorts past the first armor tier 0/10 do not buy

There’s no BAD DLC for XCOM2, which is an amazing game, but the cosmetic packs are non-essential.


This is a really fun idea for a thread, thanks @Wazanator.

What with it coming now to the Switch I have been thinking about getting Darkest Dungeon. I am super in to the aesthetics and the over the top Lovecraftian nature and prose/voice acting. Having said that, I am not so sure I am good at games like this (I have played basically all Etrian Odyssey demos and struggle) and the reading I have been doing suggests that Darkest Dungeon asks players to do a bit of outside research or really grasp some of the deeper mechanics like team composition, etc. So, is this a game one can “enjoy” without fully grasping or committing to deeper levels of learning/investment or am I going to find myself kind of stuck and stalled out? Kind of feel like for $24.99 it may be worth it one way or the other but that’s where y’all come in.


I did almost zero outside research in my time with this game and it was fine. There are some deeper strategies, but I found a lot of working strategies are relatively easy to figure out just from reading the information in the game and trying things out.

Worth noting, the majority of my time with the game was spent playing Radiant mode, could be called an “easy mode” but it really only shortens the grind for the metagame.

But yeah, overall, I’d recommend it and I’m also considering it for the switch!


Gonna toot my own horn by plugging this Darkest Dungeon thing, which I wrote kind of half in response to the weird chest-pounding game-difficulty discourse surrounding that game. Of course if you want to fully optimize everything you can have a wiki open constantly to see what every curio does and etc, but I feel that sort of defeats the purpose. The tension and uncertainty is like half the whole point. Strategies seem fairly self-explanatory to me, but idk, I’ve played a reasonable amount of turn-based strategies.

I strongly recommend against getting Crimson Court. It has… many problems.


That’s a really great write-up that does a lot to alleviate the intimidating aura around Darkest Dungeon. I think I got it on PS+ a while back, so I might just download it and check it out. Thanks!

EDIT: Weird, I guess it was never a PS+ game and I just hallucinated it. Still, thanks for the rec and I’ll check it out one of these days!


I am really tempted to pick up Mass Effect Andromeda. I am a pretty big fan of the original trilogy, even to the point of being something of an apologist for 3 (it’s way better with all the dlc!). However, based on what I have heard I am not expecting to enjoy Andromeda, I just feel like I need to see where it goes wrong, how bad it is, if there is anything redeeming, etc.

I am just having a very difficult time justifying the time it would take, considering all of the other things I could be doing. So, to those that have played it, what would you recommend?


Love this write-up thank you!


ME 3 apologist here, I would recommend against playing it. I played about 15 hours and returned it when I realized I didn’t like any of the characters. It just made me incredibly sad to see everything I loved, but without the fun of the discovery in the original trilogy (and the things that are new to discover, they really drop the ball on).


The characters aren’t great. EA treating it like a second tier game and pulling everyone away for Anthem while also wasting budget on middle managers means the open world levels are sparse and boring to travel around. Everyone looks like they’re wearing plastic masks. Like, if you can get it for extremely cheap, sure. If you can’t, skip it. There are way better ways to spend your time.


I ended up liking Andromeda quite a bit overall. It’s not perfect, but the characters eventually endeared themselves to me. But I’m a huge ME apologist so take my advice with a grain of salt.


I liked the characters a lot, but besides them and the ship interactions, I didn’t really especially like anything else. And I loved the original ME trilogy a lot - it was one of my favorite SF series of the 21st century.


This is a little bit pushing the thread title but: I’m finally getting into Dark Souls. I’ve made it pretty far into DS1, beating O&S and one of the Big Four past that. My skills have improved to the point where I think it’s actually kinda possible I will beat the game.

I got Dark Souls 2 on a sale ages ago. Should I bother to play it? I hear it’s not great. Should I skip to DS3?


Removing the broken technical aspects of Andromeda, the writing is not…great. The characters are wooden, and Brad talking about how the latter half of that game unfolds during Giant Bomb GOTY makes me never want to install it again. The only positive I took away from that game is that the shooting felt fun, but it definitely wasn’t enough to offset the bad writing, characterization and technical issues. And the character creator is the least of that game’s problems, but I can’t believe BioWare made that.

You’d probably be better off going through the original trilogy again.


You can if you want to?

I think two got a bad rap, because it was very few people’s first souls game, and it has a lot of very underwhelming encounters and bosses. Most areas are kinda bland looking.

I’d put it on the bottom of my souls playlist, but it’s still a pretty good action RPG to play. Worth getting around to at some point.

DS3 doesn’t really gain anything from having played DS2. I think people give two a lot of undeserved crap. It’s probably the worst souls game. It’s still a souls game, which, if you’re into that, is good.