The "Should I buy this game" thread

How do people feel about The Sinking City? It’s on sale for $25 on the Switch eShop right now. Having just finished Bloodborne I’d be very much in the mood for even mildly decent cosmic horror, but I remember the reviews of it being fairly mixed. Anyone have thoughts on that one?

If anyone is interested in DCS but missed the steam sale recently, the sale is still running on the Eagle Dynamics homepage. You can get a module that was previously 50-80 USD for 50% off.

Depends. The cosmic horror plot is mostly a bunch of clichés that end up going nowhere. The investigations can be fun, but they’re done better in the previous Sherlock Holmes games. I enjoyed exploring the town itself and soaking in the atmosphere, but there wasn’t enough there to support 20/30 hours of game.

If you haven’t tried those yet, I would recommend looking at Sunless Sea, World of Horror, maybe The Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker? I’m also invested in the Arkham Horror card game, which is very good but very expensive :confused:


i am curious about ashen. i like the idea of exploring unfamiliar places and piecing together an understanding from snippets of ~lore~ (or not) and maybe having some brief, brutal battles, as well as the sort of community-building aspect by rescuing lost npcs that i recall austin was keen on.
does it do these things well; does it cohere as a setting? and, do the fighty bits hold up?
for reference, i think of demon’s souls and bloodborne as the best and most complete expressions of from’s whole thing that i’ve played.

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The world, lore, and characters are all really wonderful. Well, maybe the lore is a little light but it is does a very good b-fantasy and I in no way mean that as an insult. On the other hand the combat and particularly the dungeons can be a bit maddening. There are at least two major difficulty spikes in terms of the bosses you face but what makes these spikes all the worse is they come at the end of maddeningly long dungeons. That and I could never beat the final boss.

Something to keep in mind with the above: I am not a Souls person; couldn’t make it past the opening level of Bloodborne, and never gave a Souls game a real shot. Here is a post I made in January that inspired a little bit of discussion about the game, hopefully that will be informative and includes thoughts from folks who are more informed than I.

One final thing I will add: I am very much annoyed that I never truly beat the game but I do not in anyway regret my time with it and think it is well worth one’s time and money.


Re: Ashen, I concur with @Alveric. It has a lot going for it in terms of design but the difficulty gradually killed all the enthusiasm I had. Which wasn’t a small amount! My first impressions were glowing.
Keep in mind I don’t have tons of patience for games that have the “player must climb the mountain, fall down, and climb again, repeat” approach to difficulty.
If you take the Souls games as an example, I finished Demons Souls (had more patience then, I think), got to the end of Bloodborne, tried the other Souls games and Sekiro but bounced off them fairly quickly.


Should I buy Slay the Spire?

It’s on sale on Switch right now, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. The only rogue like I’ve ever played was Enter the Gungeon which was fun, but I wasn’t quite good enough to make it worth the time investment (Edit: I’ve also played Into the Breach, which is an all-time classic, one of my favorite games). I’ve never played a deck building game, but I do like party-building rpgs/turn based rpgs in general. This also wouldn’t be my main game, just something besides animal crossing/UNICLR

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I think its probably worth it for you. It can be pretty hard, but I’m almost certain Into the Breach is harder, and that game’s a much closer comparison in terms of what skills its testing than Gungeon. As far as deck builders go, I’ve heard from people who’ve played a lot more of them than me that it’s a pretty good choice for a first one. The core mechanics are very simple, which makes getting started pretty easy and the ramp into more complicated cards smooth. And while you definitely can make it your main game imo its perfect as a side thing, the length of the runs is ideal for when you dont have the space or energy to play something with more investment.

I really liked Slay the Spire but I also like card games in general. I wouldn’t really call it a normal turn based RPG. It’s definitely a game about learning to optimize your deck and you’re going to do a lot of runs but it’s also a game that once you figure it out it goes fast and getting a good combo going feels super good. Easily my favorite game of the year so far.

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As a strategy and rogue-like game, Slay the Spire is top notch. Keep in mind I have a weak spot for rogue-likes but I’d reccomend StS to almost anyone.

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I do like deck building card games like Dominion, and EVERYONE praises STS, so I think I’ll grab it. Thanks for the help everyone!


Does anyone have any single player action mech game recommendations for PC that are not Titanfall?

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Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries came out just recently, and many of the other Mechwarrior games are available as abandonware.

Brigador is an isometric mech action game. There’s tons of customization and it has a mode with rogue-like elements.

Daemon X Machina was released for PC recently. It’s a bit like an Armored Core game.


Everyone should play Brigador. It’s the cyberpunk mech Blast Corps. sequel no one knew they wanted.

Also the soundtrack fucking slaps.


Y’all, I’ve been super busy and disconnected for the last six months or so, so I need you to tell me what cool games to buy with my COVID cash.


With all this FF7 talk and I have a lot more free time, I decide to fill in my Final Fantasy and JRGP blind stop. I am big fan of bio ware style RPG, and I only have a xbox one and a switch.

If you have game pass, Final Fantasy XV is on there and is just as good of an entry point into the series as any of the games. Other games from the series should start to show up there as well but there’s no date yet on them. They’re all essentially independent storylines so no prior knowledge is necessary. If you’re willing to spend the cash, any of the other Final Fantasies are all pretty much worth checking out. Word of warning, the farther back you go the more old school video game design is present, which may or may not be something you’re willing to put up with. I’d say Final Fantasy X might be as far back as I’d recommend for someone new to the series to start with.

Of course, if you do have access to a PS4, FF VII Remake is worth checking out as well. The original is a classic, but like I said, it has old school design sensibilities.

I will check out FF XV since I have game pass and maybe FF XIII since it only $15 on the xbox store.

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FFXII is arguaby the most reviled Final Fantasy just a heads up. I barely got 10 hours in before I got rid but this was right when it was released.

This is what I’ve discovered. I tried giving the Switch port of the original a go, and it seriously shows its’ age. I know that it comes packaged with cheats to basically make combat trivial if you want it, but I’m not sure if I have the time/patience/energy to just suffer through old school game design to see the story through with VII.

It’s entirely possible JRPGs just aren’t for me, but I did decide to download XV last night, so I’ll likely dive into that a bit this weekend to see if it can pull me in.

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